What Came First, the Chicken Or the Egg?

By Jamie Kirk


What came first the chicken or the egg? This is an age-old question. Elementary even. This question can be answered 1,000 different ways, by 1,000 different people, with 1,000 perspectives.  The good thing about a perspective is that it is neither right or wrong. I wanted to really look at this question from a philosophical angle.  And since it’s around Easter, I figured the egg analogy would be appropriate.


Eggs are the symbol of new life or new beginnings. The egg is about re-birth and a doing a “new” thing.  The egg symbolizes starting fresh and anew.  It is associated with the beginning of life.


When we look at the previous question – what came first? We tend to think of it in very logical terms, regardless of your stance. The chicken must come from an egg or how else can a chicken exist, if not first an egg. But yet, how can an egg exist if not for the chicken. It’s Crazy Talk. But if we look at the question from how we should problem solve and make decisions in our life, the question can be much easier to solve – or NOT.


Let’s look at two different ways to solve an issue in our life. One way to look at the issue is thinking and speaking it into existence. Meaning that if we think positive thoughts and if we really “pray,” or for non-believers “wish,” REALLY hard, what we want will drop from the sky in our laps. If we shift our thinking, we can chart the course of events that may or may not happen. If we think good, then only good will happen to us and around us.  We can even ask others to “pray” or “wish” right along with us in hopes of there being power in numbers! This can symbolize that you are hatching what you want before it pops into your life.  Or to keep in line with the theme; the egg comes first.


On to the next perspective. Sometimes we tend to do nothing until we are uncomfortable or forced to change.  You need to do something, but you think of every excuse not to cause a change or movement in your life. When you are solving issues like this, you believe that you are in control of your destiny and that you cannot impact the outcome.  Whatever is gonna happen, has already happened and you can’t change the course of life’s wrinkles. When you solve issues in your life with this method you are attempting to play the hand you are dealt and not ask for the dealer to re-shuffle. This can symbolize that you are responding and controlling what you want after it pops into your life. Or to keep in line with the theme; the chicken comes first.


As mentioned before neither way is right or wrong. It really depends on your perspective. It depends on how you were raised, and what you saw growing up. Some parents never talked about bills, bankruptcy, medical issues, etc., while some folks grew up in a home where issues were brought up at the dinner table on a Tuesday night.  Each one of us has a different stance on how to get through this thing called life, and we have to use our own formula. We have to live our life as best we can, make decisions based on facts, not emotions and just freaking hope for the best.  Therefore, when you look at questions like above, try and dig deeper into the meaning and how it can positively impact your life. Look beyond the riddle and look for the lesson.


What came first the chicken or the egg? Yes, it’s a pretty silly question. But the next time you see the question or the question comes up in a dinner party, ask yourself this: Am I waiting for my life to start, or am I ensuring I am living my best life now?  Once you answer this for yourself, it will be an aha moment for YOU, which one came first the chicken or the egg.


Jamie Kirk works for a software company and is a certified spinning instructor. He also enjoys yoga, swimming, bicycling and running. He aspires to start a blog about what we put in our bodies not only fuels our body but our mind and spirit as well. Follow Jamie on IG @tysonsdad.

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