Relationship Resolutions

By Branden Lee


Whether your relationship is better than ever or hanging on by a thread, there’s always room to improve. It’s a new year, and that means a new deadline for a fresh start to make your love life go smoother than ever. Here are some ways to help make your relationship better in 2018.


  1. Trust

Living with a relationship without trust isn’t a relationship worth living in at all. Not trusting your partner only leads to anxiety, stress, paranoia, and frequent fighting. If trust issues seem always to arise, then be honest with your partner. Sit down and talk about everything that is causing distrust in the relationship, and figure out how to fix it.


  1. Honesty

Honesty is definitely linked to trust since if you can’t believe what your partner is telling you, you obviously can’t trust them. Sometimes it’s human nature to lie, in fear of the truth bringing about a fight. What’s done in the dark always comes to light, so don’t do anything in the dark. White lies being discovered can even cause your partner to lose faith in you, and that’s never worth it. Be honest 100% of the time. Lying never leads to true love.


  1. Sex

Even if you feel like the sex is perfect in your relationship, there’s always room to improve. If you’re feeling fully satisfied by your partner, it doesn’t mean they’re feeling fully satisfied by you. Play around with your partner. Find out something they’ve always wanted to try. Indulge. Try new things. Find out if you both want to be having more sex, or if there are more ways to feel sexually satisfied with each other.


  1. Commitment

Commitment doesn’t always only mean monogamy. You should be on the same page as your partner regarding monogamy. Commitment also represents how dedicated each of you is to this relationship. Does your partner envision a future with moving in together, marriage, kids? Is that the same end game for yourself? It’s always important to know what each of you strives for together because if you ultimately want different things, commitment and dedication to this relationship isn’t likely.

Branden Lee is a writer, filmmaker, and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Twitter & Instagram @Brandeness.

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