New Gay In Town: I’m In Love With A Sex Addict

By Branden Lee

During our threesome, I saw a completely new side to Zimbabwe that kinda terrified me. Zimbabwe told me before that he liked rough sex, but this was my first time actually seeing just how rough he liked it.


Zimbabwe was into slapping, spitting, even being punched in the chest, and he wanted me and the other guy to keep hitting him harder and harder. Zimbabwe said sex felt like a drug to him, and that he felt so high. He said the hitting helped him, since he felt numb, which was odd to me since we were all sober.


I also was very annoyed during the threesome. We all pretty much came twice, but then I was over it. I was ready for the other guy to go and wanted some alone time with just me and Zimbabwe. We’d had a previous rough couple of days, and things finally felt good again. I felt reconnected and on a good page with my boyfriend.


But Zimbabwe kept saying he wanted us to go for another round. He even suggested inviting over a fourth guy and kept saying he could go all night. He had warned me before we got together that he liked sex for hours, but this was too much for me. I was tired, and wanted it to be over.


I made it clear I was done, we all showered together, and the other guy ordered his Uber. Zimbabwe asked our lover for his number which annoyed me. I planned the threesome, so why did my boyfriend need to be in contact with the guy outside of me being the mediator? I felt it was rude on his part, and it made me uncomfortable.


After the guy left, I was a bit frosty towards Zimbabwe. I was mad at him for continuing to suggest we keep going for more rounds of sex after I made it clear I was over it. I was also annoyed he kept suggesting inviting a fourth, and I was pissed he got the guy’s number. This threesome really showed me a different side of Zimbabwe, and it made me question if his insatiable sex drive was something I could handle.


Zimbabwe and I had a discussion about us. I told him about my fears about seeing this new sexual side of him. I told him about my insecurities about him always being on his phone, and constantly getting messages from random guys online, his ex-boyfriend, and ex-hookups, all trying to get with him. It made me insecure. Zimbabwe had been loyal and faithful, but with all the guys constantly bombarding him with messages it made me question how long he could be faithful with so many guys throwing themselves at him.


Zimbabwe and I made a rule to no longer engage in communication with guys that were romantically/sexually interested in us. No talking to exes or guys from our pasts. We were allowed to keep our dating apps. I found dating apps to be a great tool for making friends. I was still new to Atlanta, and most of my new acquaintances I had made were from online.


Zimbabwe decided he too wanted to experience having gay friends. He was DL, and only out to his brother and one of his friends. Zimbabwe wanted to have friends he could be open with and not have to hide his sexuality. I was skeptical of Zimbabwe still being online, but if I was going to stay on apps to make friends, I had to be ok with him doing the same.


Things being on track with Zimbabwe didn’t last long. He saw I was messaging with a guy on Jack’d that was my type. I said we were just having a friendly chat. Which was half true, because I originally messaged him when we were looking for a third for the threesome.


Zimbabwe immediately was livid that we had agreed to not talk to guys that we were attracted to, and now he had caught me doing just that. I wasn’t even able to explain myself. Zimbabwe yelled at me, stormed out, and blocked me online.


New Gay in Town is back on 12.6!

Branden Lee is a writer, filmmaker, and actor, now living in Atlanta.

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