Gifting the Many Men In Your Life

By Branden Lee


Choosing the perfect gift for the man in your life can be very hard. Gifts can often show a guy how much you care or how little. You don’t want to send the wrong impression. Here are some recommendations for picking the perfect present.


For Your Office Crush

In this climate where any sign of sexual harassment can result in the annihilation of your career, best to not choose something provocative to give to your office crush, especially if you don’t know if they’re interested. A restaurant gift card or movie tickets are great choices. They are neutral enough to avoid making it too obvious you’re interested, but also gives the perfect opportunity to drop hints that you are interested in grabbing a bite or seeing a movie outside of work.


For Your FWB

Putting too much thought into what to get your friend with benefits could give the wrong sign that you want to be more than sex partners when in actuality you don’t. Buying yourself sexy undies, jockstraps, and lingerie is the perfect gift. It’s a gift for you, and but also them since it turns them on. Practically every guy has an “underwear fetish” nowadays, so you can never go wrong with new sexy underwear.


For Your New Boyfriend

Never drop a ton of cash on gifts for your boyfriend of under six months. There’s no telling how long you’ll even last, and you don’t want credit card debt that lasts longer than the relationship. A bottle of nice cologne, new shirts, pants, and shoes are all good gifts. You are still sprucing him up to be the man you want him to be after all.


For Your Fiancé

Weddings can be stressful and expensive. While planning an event about bringing you and your partner together, it can actually tear some couples apart. Becoming a bridezilla can happen to anyone. So take a romantic trip together. It doesn’t have to be lavish or too expensive, but it’s important to spend time with your future spouse to show that it’s still the two of you and you can still have fun. Get away from the wedding stress with a weekend getaway.


For Your Husband

You can never go wrong with wanting to try new things in the bedroom. Many marriages lose their sexual spark by getting too comfortable or busy for each other. Take some time for your husband and buy some whips, chains, restraints, and handcuffs to spice things up. Throw in a harness as well.

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