2024 Grooming Resolutions

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

New year, new fabulous you – or so you thought! We’ve all been there with those grand resolutions that fizzle faster than confetti. This time around, let’s ditch the fleeting goals and opt for something more dazzling. Say hello to five grooming resolutions that are as sustainable as they are stylish. No need for drastic measures – just tiny, fabulous steps to amp up your self-care game. Who cares if you don’t transform into a whole new person by next year? With these grooming gems, you’ll be rocking that new look like a total sensation!

Be consistent!

Skincare is like going to the gym – one time just won’t cut it! If you practice good habits everyday morning and night, your skin will not only thank you but look clearer and more even in return. No need for excessive scrubbing or a step-by-step cleansing ritual; a quick rinse with a good cleanser will do.

CeraVe SA Cleanser, $17

Invest In the Finer Things

The delicate skin around the eyes deserve a little extra care – especially, if you want to keep those ‘windows to the soul’ looking optimal and inviting. Your regular moisturizer may help you some of the way, but please consider that the eye area is more sensible and thinner, so it needs better and targeted care. A good eye cream and a serum if you’re a pro will do wonders.

RoC Retinol Correxion Under Eye Cream, $28

Treat Your Body Like Your Face

Taking good care of your skin shouldn’t stop with your face. The skin on your body will also benefit hugely for some targeted care. Consider a moisturizing body wash, do a scrub a couple of times a week, and don’t forget to be generous with the body lotion.

Clarins Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk, $36

Step It Up

If you’re already an expert cleanser, you moisturize like a champ, and you know your skin type, you’re already getting good results – but that also means that you might be ready to add a little more to your routine for even better results. Try a targeted serum for the result you want to achieve next with your skin and see the difference.

Aesop Lucent Facial Concentrate, $155

Know Your Grooming Age

You may know your skin type, but have you considered caring for your skin according to your age? If you’re under 25, you just to focus on moisturizing and sun protection. Over 25, you need to worry about the signs of a stressful life on your skin, and once you hit the late 30s and early 40s, you need the skin-preserving powerhouses with targeted ingredients on your side.

Hims Custom Anti-Aging Face Cream, (starting at) $29 per month

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