2019 Holiday Gift Guide …for the gay guy who has everything

By Mick Sandoval

Let’s face it: the best gifts are more about want than need. They simultaneously create and satisfy a desire you probably didn’t even know you had. Necessities are great, but uh, you can only get so many socks and ties.

This holiday, it’s time to skip the lame gift cards and clothes for the guy who seems to have everything. Instead, surprise him with one of these items, he never even knew he wanted. He’ll remember them much longer than he’d remember the same recycled gifts he always gets.

Big Gay Bidet’s Bio Bidet TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet

Bidets have long been popular in Europe and Japan, but they are finally making their way to America as more and more people learn that not only are bidets more efficient and hygienic than tissue paper, they are also more environmentally friendly. They’re no longer stand-alone fixtures. Today’s home bidets are usually built-in into the toilet seat, with fancy features like the ability to warm the body and dry afterward. They can be a substantial investment, but most who have them agree it’s a worthy one. That’s what makes The Bio Bidet TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet such a perfect gift. It’s much lower in cost yet offers many of the important benefits of the full-sized home models. It does not require batteries and is instead chargeable through a USB cable that plugs into any computer, wall outlet, even a car! A convenient carrying case is also included. The portable will likely convince your loved one to upgrade to the full-sized home model… but let them pay for it!  
Bio Bidet TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet, $59.95 at BigGayBidet.com

Bullies & Biceps 2020 Calendar

Mike Ruiz’s Bullies & Biceps 2020 Calendar is seventeen months of perfection (from December 2019 until April 2021) that will put a smile on your face every day of the new year. It makes a wonderful gift for the special animal lover in your life! Besides some of the most lovable (and adoptable!) pups, the calendar features the biggest and bulkiest male fitness models working today, all of whom also happen to be passionate animal advocates and bully owners themselves. As always, Mike’s vision is captivating and provocative, but his message is timeless… to end the discrimination and misunderstanding of the beloved Pit Bull type pooch. 

Bullies & Biceps 2020 Calendar$26.99 at nybullycrew.org

Pso-Rite Self-Massage Tool 

Deep tissue massages have been found to be the most effective tool for releasing tension throughout the body. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford an on-call masseuse. That’s where Pso-Rite comes in. Designed to replicate the hands and elbows of a therapist, the handy tool allows men and women to self-massage problematic areas away themselves. It works on the neck, hips, shoulders, back, and knees, chest, inner thigh, calf, shin, and rotator cuff. For athletes, using Pso-Rite for ten minutes before workouts improves performance by enabling an increased range of motion. Using it after workouts helps with recovery by introducing new blood flow and releasing toxins. Also, this holiday season, Pso-Rite is introducing its portable version, the Pso-Mini! Designed to replicate two fingers or the thumb, it works deep into muscles and can be used on sensitive areas, including the temples and jaws, back of neck, elbows, and the bottom of feet. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer!  

Pso-Rite (full-size) is $79.97 and Pso-Mini is $13.99 at Pso-Rite.com

Addicted’s Flammable Ice Underwear Collection

Who says sports briefs have to be hidden under snow pants? This winter’s “Flammable Ice” underwear collection from Addicted is designed to transport men to the kingdom of their deepest and coolest fantasies. The collection features tight-fitting briefs, boxers, jocks, and long johns in bold primary colors and camouflage prints. Some have padded garments; others include faux fur; all include their new 3D spacer. What is that, you ask? It is two separate fabrics joined by a microfilament yarn. It creates a breathable, 3D “microclimate” between each layer of the brief. Heat and vapor leave the body, moving to the brief’s first highly permeable layer. Then, cool air provided by natural ventilation pushes the heat and vapor out, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation in the brief. It is water-resistant, highly breathable, and provides a solid and comfortable fit. All garments in the collection are finely and meticulously crafted by Addicted’s artisan team.   

$28 – $56 at Addictedusa.com

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