ATL’s Notable Urban Green Spaces

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


Photo: Shutterstock, renderings courtesy of City of Atlanta, HGOR




Atlanta is getting bigger and greener by the minute. In fact, with a generous urban vision which includes the Beltline and the Bellwood Quarry, Atlanta is climbing up the list of green cities in America. Here are three urban green spaces that you should cherish and look forward to!



Piedmont Park

The park is undoubtedly the green heart of the city. With its sprawling green spaces that include bike paths, tracks, basketball & tennis courts, a pool, playgrounds, and much more, it is the focal point of countless festivals and events in the city. Since 1989, millions have been invested in making Piedmont Park the most vital green space in the city, but also a cultural and recreational hub in the urban space.


The Beltline

The former railway corridor has been developed in stages to become a multi-use trail. The majority of the trails have been redeveloped while others remain more rugged still. The plan is to develop the Beltline into walkable trails fully. Many initiatives have been sparked because of the Beltline including Art on The Beltline and the major Lantern Parade (pictured) in September.


The Westside Park

The former Bellwood Quarry was made famous as a movie set in ‘Hunger Games’ and TV shows like ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Stranger Things.’ Now the disused quarry is getting new life as the $300 million Westside Park project is set to create a park space bigger than Piedmont Park – and provide an important water reservoir for the city of Atlanta at the same time. The first phase of the project started back in May, and redevelopment will continue over the next years and culminate in a magnificent park with approximately 280 acres of multiple green spaces for recreation like fields, playgrounds, walking trails, and connections to the Beltline’s Westside Trail. Not to mention the quarry lake itself and the elaborate gateway entrance at the intersection of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place.




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