Peach is looking for local guys to grace the front page of the magazine.


Peach wants to recognize the fact that Atlanta is filled with attractive guys by putting them on the cover! If you or someone you know could be a model in Peach, please consider submitting a few photos to us along with your name, age, height, and general contact info (phone and email address) to


You don’t have to be a professional model or even have a professional photo – a couple of cute selfies could be more than enough for us to select you to be on a cover of Peach.


NOTE! This is not a competition, but simply a non-competitive selection of potential models, and there is no set time frame as to when we will conduct the photo shoot. We will evaluate your submission based on our editorial discretion and will reach out to you if you are a valid candidate. We may ask you to stop by for a casting.*



What’s in it for you

If you are selected to be a cover model, you get to experience the following:


  • You participate in a high-end cover photo shoot (DTBD) in collaboration with Allure Models app.
  • You get your own cover of an issue of Peach (time and date to be determined).
  • You get your own feature in Peach (either as Peach of the Week or cover profile).
  • You get a few extra shots (unpublished) for your portfolio, profiles, et cetera.
  • You may be selected to participate in photo shoots for Peach or one of Peach Media’s other publications (Fenuxe Magazine, Goliath Magazine).


A Few Photo Guidelines

Please do not spend any money on professional pictures if you don’t already have them.


  • All photos should be of you alone.
  • All photos should be natural and friendly, clear and in focus.
  • No hats or sunglasses.
  • If you feel comfortable, feel free to send a shirtless photo too.
  • Clean phone or digital camera shots are great too.
  • No lewd or indecent images.



Please, submit your photos to



*Please note, there is no cash or physical prize – this is not a competition, but simply a selection process and the chance for you to get exposure and experience a fun photo shoot.

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