10 Things That Keep Up the Black Lives Matter Momentum

There are fewer protests and media interest is becoming more infrequent, so now that the dust has settled, how do you keep up the fight for racial equality and to end police brutality? Now is the time to continue to raise your voice, but also plan for long-term impact that affects change.

  1. Keep protesting
    Even though protests and demonstrations are more infrequent, they are still happening
  2. Nurture mentorship
    Is there a person in your life that you can educate and mentor? Maybe watch a documentary together, and have a discussion afterwards
  3. Follow up on petitions
    Lots of petitions have launched and gained traction. Check to see if they’re progressing, and consider donating or sharing the petition that you signed
  4. Consider recurring donations
    Now that you have seen the work being done, you also know what organizations appeal the most to you. Consider upping your donation game
  5. Keep fighting unconscious bias
    The work of uncovering and unlearning your own implicit biases is very hard work. Remember it is a privilege to learn about racism instead of having lived it
  6. Have those uncomfortable conversations
    Discuss your own biases openly and invite others to join even if they are a racist family member or friend
  7. Post Wisely
    Posting on social media is a great way to spread information and show ongoing support but be critical in what you post. Some content is traumatizing and triggering.
  8. Support Black businesses
    It doesn’t just have to be takeout, but research what brands across fashion and beauty are Black-owned too
  9. Keep up the educational process
    Spend some time creating a list of resources that can further educate you – it can be books, docus, blogs, et cetera – just stay informed!
  10. Think big picture
    Keep the focus on systemic and societal change. Now is not the time for your personal experiences but rather for how me foster positive change for us all.

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