You Wanna See Delta Work Go Off?

Delta Work is the Emmy Award-winning drag performer known for competing on season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. These days, she is perhaps even better known for her video podcast “Very Delta,” where she famously discusses various topics and interviews other performers and personalities from the world of drag. David got to catch up with Delta before her Atlanta “Very Delta Live!” show on June 9 at City Winery.

Dear Delta, let’s get it out of the way here at the beginning – just like in your podcast – what do you want to go off on today?

Me, “Espresso” by Sabrina Carpenter. I never properly pronounce Nespresso, and I thought it was a song about the coffee maker. I thought she was holding the space for coffee convenience. I realized I was wrong.

It is evident that you have mastered the art of the rant – have you always had that capability?

I am very talkative. I am an only child raised by a single parent. We moved a lot. I had to learn to speak up for myself at a very early age. I learned to see both sides of a coin. I am able to assimilate into any group comfortably. I quickly read context clues. I love watching people. I think I would have been a great spy or a lawyer.

Tell us about your journey since gaining national attention on Drag Race more than ten years ago. How did you end up hosting an award-winning podcast?

When I was a guest on “Race Chaser” hosted by Willam and Alaska years ago, I believe it was there that I planted the seed. I think podcasting is for anyone and everyone. We all have a viewpoint. We all have something to say. “Very That with Delta and Raja” is the mother of “Very Delta”. The original pod was a pandemic project. It was born out of isolation, but as the world opened up and opportunities presented themselves, it showed itself as not a forever project for both of us. But it would survive in another form. Raja has remained an integral part of the stories. She still remains a mainstay visitor.

A personal Delta favorite is how you speak about and describe fragrances. If they are not front and center in your video podcast, you have numerous social media posts critiquing fragrances, old and new. First, what is it about fragrances that you love so much?

Fragrance is referential to me. It tells a lot about a person. Who we want people to know we are. It precedes us in a room. It can project power, prestige, innocence, wonder. It can evoke a feeling, unlock a memory!

Secondly, about fragrances: Where did you learn so much about fragrances? Oh, and what are your favorites (now and all-time)?

I am an amateur admirer. I am only led by my nose. I have no training, and much of my fragrance language is possibly misused. But I try to teach myself and understand notes and layers. What mixes with what to create a new layer. What lets the sweetness speak. What grounds an exaggerated ingredient and helps it dance with sophistication. Faves will generally be heavier, heady fragrances. Youth Dew by Estee Lauder, Coco by Coco Chanel, Red by Giorgio, Passion by Elizabeth Taylor, Paloma Picasso, Knowing by Lancôme, Magie Noire Lancôme.

Let’s talk about your show, “Very Delta Live!”: For those who are familiar with your podcast; what can they expect from seeing Delta live?

Everything you see and hear on the talk show and the pod, but specific to the city and location. Live entertainers from the community, a guest who has a finger on the pulse of the queer community. A question and answer session as the “Read Me Delta” letter segment.

Will we get a segment of “You wanna see me go off?”

I will always find time to complain and offer no solution!

… and will there be fragrance?

I travel with no less than three fragrances—my mood changes.

Speaking more broadly, how do you think drag culture has evolved since you become part of the cultural phenomenon?

I am glad to see drag entertainers in politics, teaching, dancing across the globe, being recognized in media like never before.

Where do you think drag culture is going?

I hope drag continues taking over the world. People need to see themselves on TV, in magazines in song. It is only through queer visibility can we all realize we can be more because WE ARE MORE.

If you were to pair this Q&A with a fragrance, which would it be?

CK BE! It’s pride month. We must BEEE OURSELVES.

Finally, please tell us where we can find you: social media, podcast, on the road, etc.

I am most active on Instagram as @deltawork. I do have a TikTok account under my name, but I don’t have many followers. I have to admit I take more from TikTok than I give back. I should provide more. I am, however, currently obsessed with @verymemeabledelta on TikTok, who has been doing outrageous songs and memes based on Very Delta monologues.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am grateful for your time and am excited to see the beautiful people of Atlanta!

Delta Work will perform with her show “Very Delta!” at City Winery on June 9 at 8 pm (doors 6:30 pm)—tickets at

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