The Reigning Mr. Glamorous 2024

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt
Photos: the Drag Photographer

Recently, Zedyc L. Thomas was crowned as the 2024 Mr. Glamorous after weeks of competition. To celebrate the momentous win, we caught up with the newly crowned winner to talk pageantry and what made him a winner.

Firstly, how did you get involved with the Mr. Glamorous Pageant? 
I’ve always known about the Glamorous pageantry system. I became more interested in it when my very good friend Bobby Iman won in 2022. I then began to do my research on the system, and I became more intrigued with it—and I began to prepare.

Please describe how you prepared to compete in the pageant. 
Mr. Glamorous has three major categories: Presentation, which varies each year; Formalwear, which is considered after five Glamorous or red-carpet events; and then there’s Talent. For each category, I spent three months leading up to the competition. My presentation was Hollywood movies silver screen, and I studied the movie Coming to America and made sure I found actors that looked close to the movie. For formalwear, I contacted one of my amazing designer friends, King of Bling, and we devised a fantastic concept. The talent portion came very easily because I’m a ballet dancer. I wanted to express something that meant a lot to me, so I dedicated my talent performance to my grandmother. Leading up to the pageant, I fine-tuned everything, which resulted in me winning every category. In the history of the Glamorous pageant, I am only the second person ever to win every category.

What do you think was the difference that made you the winner? Was there a particular moment? 
I believe this year, I focused on the pageant because I competed the year before, and although I did focus, I didn’t know the elements of winning because each category carries a different score. This year, I focused on the score sheets, audience, appeal, and judges’ interest and put together a complete package. I think the presentation portion was my best moment because it allowed me to express and explain the work I had put into my presentation and showcase what I had put into it. 

What does it mean to be a winner – what does a reign include? 
Being a Glamorous winner shows all of my hard work and dedication to the art form of Male Lead. My reign includes traveling to different cities and states, representing Mr. Glamorous in different cities and states, and showcasing my natural talent in different cities and states. 

What should someone know if they are interested in getting into this kind of competition?
If anyone is interested in entering any competition, they should first know that they will lose a lot before they win. I lost four major competitions before I won this one. You also should know that there will be a lot of people out there who are negative toward you, but you use that negative energy to gas you up, push forward, and fight harder to achieve whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.

What’s next? Any exciting projects coming up? 
It’s literally to really reign hard as Mr. Glamorous, travel as much as I possibly can as Mr. Glamorous, and show the community why I was crowned. The only project that I have coming up is putting together a fundraiser called “The Glamorous Illusionist Show,” where all proceeds will go towards battered and abused women and children.

Where can we follow you, and where can we see you next? 
You can follow me via Facebook at Zedyc L. Thomas. You can also see me in Dallas, Texas, at Mr. Gay. You can see me in Chicago for Mr. Continental, and you can see me right here in Atlanta for Mr. North America.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 
The only thing I would like to add is never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals. Sometimes, it gets complicated. Sometimes, you may want to quit, but never give up. Never stop, never quit because, in the end, your hard work will pay off, and the only thing you can do is look back and say I did it.

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