The New Look of Yoga

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt
Models: Jennifer & Tobias

Amador Yoga is a gender-neutral activewear brand founded and operated in Atlanta, GA, by yoga and meditation teacher, Malik Khalid. Driven by the mantra “push past perfection,” Malik’s mission with Amador Yoga has been to help create positive images of POC in yoga and wellness to ensure we remove the stigma that yoga and wellness is only for privileged white people.

“I wanted my consumers to feel powerful in my designs, and gender often adds restrictions for consumers when shopping. I don’t think fashion should be attached to gender, because clothes should express how you feel and not identify your gender,” Malik says about his decision to make Amador Yoga not only gender-neutral but queer-positive and actively remolding stigmas about yoga by creating positive images of POC in yoga and wellness.

The sport of bullfighting inspires the Matador collection pictured on these pages. The concept surrounds the underlying human drama of facing your fears and overcoming them. The Matador has to face his fears and live through his personal drama. By accepting conflict, you stay in the Matador role, but if we confront and overcome our fears, we become the Amador (lover in Spanish, ed.) instead, and the need and purpose of killing the bull subsides. 

The Matador Collection is available now at

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