The Dog Days Are (Almost) Over

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Although summer isn’t over yet – official end of summer is September 22 – most people have concluded their summer travels and are back to work and everyday responsibilities. But remember that feeling of carefreeness and those moments of total relaxation when you were fully immersed in summer? You can still incorporate those, even if you have fully returned to a busy schedule. Here are a few tips on how you carry a bit of summer with you well into fall.

Get Outside
Just because you are back to work doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks to go outside. In fact, over the next few weeks and months the weather is going to cool off in Atlanta, making it much more bearable to be outside. Take advantage of that!

Stay Spontaneous
Just because your schedule has become more regimented, you can still make those last-minute plans to meet friends or have people over for a drink. Being spontaneous is not just for when you have time off, and it doesn’t have to interrupt your entire schedule. An impromptu cocktail hour or meeting a friend for dinner short notice are great examples of doing something that’s not necessarily on your immediate schedule.

Keep Building Relationships
Remember how open you were to meet new friends and make new connections while you were on vacation? Whether it is a friend, neighbor, or someone you just met be open and friendly and find that common ground. Even though you may not build a lifelong friendship, you will have a bright moment in your day.

Keep Moving
Those endless miles you walked in a new city, in a museum, or at the beach did your mind and body good. Keep incorporating movement into your day, which doesn’t have to be at the gym; a brisk walk in your neighborhood works too.

Explore More Food
Remember being completely open to trying new foods and treating yourself when you were on vacation? Keep having fun with food, explore new things to eat, and find moments where you can treat yourself. Some things may not be in season anymore, but you can still try out new stuff – and why not have that iced coffee and enjoy a moment of indulgence?

Try New (Naughty) Things
Part of vacationing is having that ‘let’s do it’ attitude and being open to new connections and trying new things. Now that you are back on your regularly scheduled programming, you can still find moments to get down and a little dirty as long as you are open to it. Who knows, you may find a new partner or take your relationship to the next level.

Take time to wind down
Think back to how well that afternoon nap did you when you were on vacation. You may not have the time to take hourlong naps, but a 15-minute powernap will still reset your body and mind. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to simply relax does not mean you are inefficient but rather that you are taking care of yourself, so that you can perform better without burning out.

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