Raising the bars: Gay Atlanta’s favorite bartenders

These Big Peach bartenders will stop at nothing to show you a good time in Gay Atlanta.

Photos by Russ Youngblood

When you walk into an iconic Atlanta gay bar, the friendly guys on the following pages may be the first faces you see. Whether for an after-work drink, a night on the town, or some down time with your brethren, step right up and let one of them pour you a cocktail.


JAMES Kuhn, 30

Burkhart’s Pub


What do you love about Burkhart’s?

The diversity. Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a great time.


What’s your signature drink?

Strawberry Starburst. It’s a rum-based cocktail that’s sweet and tart. It tastes just like the candy!


Why should patrons come see you?

You’ll always leave with a smile on your face, and have a great time.



ROBIN Oliver, 46

Blake’s on the Park


What’s the best thing about Blake’s?

It’s the great mix of fun and friendly people. You will see every human expression walk through the doors of Blake’s at some point. It’s exciting, fun and unexpected.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Bloody Mary. It’s my favorite thing to drink, so I have my tried and trusted recipe. Have you ever tried a gin Bloody Mary? You should.


Why should customers as for you?

We can talk about any topic from French Existentialism to what to see and do in Atlanta. I have a great smile – and I’m told a great ass!



WILL Smith, 48



What’s the best thing about Bulldogs?

The drinks. They’re awesome!


What’s your signature drink?

The Ciroc Gang Bang!


Why should guys come see you?

Because I and the whole staff here aim to please our customers and make your visit a great experience.




BJ Roosters


What do you love about BJ’s?

We have the delicious drinks and the dancers to go with it.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Long Island Iced Tea


Why should customers ask for you?

Most of my customers become my friends. Come have a shot with me, and let’s spill the tea!




KIRBY Morin, 36

Atlanta Eagle


What’s your favorite thing about the Eagle?

We are welcoming and friendly, we pour great drinks, and we host some of the best DJs in town.


What’s your best mix drink?

I make a mean Jack & Coke


Why should patrons belly up to your bar?

I’m friendly and new to Atlanta. Give me advice on the area, and let’s crack a joke. If you don’t have a sense of humor in life, what’s the point?



TRAVIS Russo, 27

Ten Atlanta

Also Our Cover Guy Peach of the Week


What’s the best thing about Ten?

It’s gotta be the good vibes and friendly staff.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Vodka Soda


Why should guys come to you?

For a memorable experience, guaranteed.



RICHARD Ramirez, 41

The Heretic


What do you love about Heretic?

It’s a real melting pot with its different variety of events.


What’s your favorite mixed drink?

Jack & Coke


Why should patrons ask for you?

I’m always ready to serve with a smile.



J-Rod, 35

Swinging Richards


What’s the best thing about Swinging Richards?

Some say it’s the dancers, but we say it’s the customers.


What’s your signature mixed drink?

Red Snapper: Crown, Amaretto and Cran


Why should customers come to you?

I always make people smile.

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