Practical and Personal Insights to Better Relationships

Edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Vince Shifflett is not only a contributing writer to Peach, but he is also an author, speaker, and critical care registered nurse – and he has just released a new book, “RelationSHIP or RelationSHIT,” which is a guide and roadmap to achieve meaningful relationships while ridding yourself of the toxic ones.

“My motivation and inspiration to write this book came from many sources but mostly from my own personal journey,” Vince explains, “I realized that relationships as far back as my childhood were still affecting me today. In other words, they kept me in a RelationSHIT with my mind and myself.”

The book asks how you know when to hold on tighter or when to let go. Relationships can be tricky, time-consuming, and confusing. Some relationships are worth investing in; others can turn out to be relationshits that eat you up then spit you out.

In his practical, down-to-earth book, Shifflett guides you on setting the foundation for the most important relationship you have—your relationship with yourself. With solid self-love in place, each chapter ventures into helping you cultivate beneficial relationships with God, family, friends, lovers, your mind, your past, and even your future goals. Packed with Shifflett’s medical insights as a registered nurse, unique hard-earned truths, and heartbreaking experiences, Relationship or Relationshit is the road map you need to avoid the shit life throws at you and instead foster the wisdom you need to succeed in life. “Realizing that my story is not necessarily unique, I still wanted to share it in an effort to create change and stimulate self-healing in others as well as myself,” Shifflett elaborates.  

Through his straightforward message, Shifflett cultivates a new approach to help you avoid relationshits and embrace rich relationships that you can count on. “It is my greatest intention and hope that this book will be enlightening for others and will lead to greater self-love and healthier relationships across the board.”

RelationSHIP or RelationSHIT: Which One Are You In? by Vince Shifflett is available now on Amazon.

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