Mr. Man’s Most Iconic Gay Scenes On TV

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As we round out Pride Month, we’re counting down the top ten sexiest gay scenes in television history in collaboration with Mr. Man! Whether gay or straight, these actors shed their inhibitions (not to mention their underwear) to bring the most explicit, influential, and iconic gay scenes ever filmed for the small screen. Below you’ll find the ten gay scenes that turned the TV Guide into the TV Glide, as well as a description of each scene’s significance – and you can watch the full NSFW clips on Mr Man!

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Brian Jordan Alvarez and Ryan O’Connell in Special

With his semi-autobiographical series Special, Ryan O’Connell gave a voice to queer people thriving with disabilities. He also brought one of the most realistic gay sex scenes in television history. Ryan’s character hires an escort played by Brian Jordan Alvarez to take his bottoming virginity. He’s like a virgin – thrust for the very first time!


Dyllon Burnside and Billy Porter in Pose

Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking series Pose made waves in the industry for the inclusive cast. The iconic Billy Porter shines as the MC of a Paris is Burning-inspired club, and in the show’s most shocking scene, he has passionate sex with the much younger Ricky – played by openly gay actor Dyllon Burnside! Category is: Anal.


Dylan Vox, Josh Collins, and More in Dante’s Cove

No show has reveled in its unabashed smuttiness quite like the supernatural gay series Dante’s Cove. But this show is more than just cheeky. It’s penis-y! Both Dylan Vox and Josh Collins flaunt their rock hard bods and long swinging cocks in the OG red room. Forget soap operas, this is a drop-the-soap opera!


Andrew Rannells and Corey Stoll in Girls

The openly gay actor Andrew Rannells portrayed one of television’s most well-rounded gay characters on Girls. Ah, the complicated life of a gay man in NYC. The ups. The downs. The ins… the outs? Seeing him try to please bossy bottom Corey Stoll during sex is as hilarious as it is hot. The show may be called Girls, but we’re here for the boys.


Jack Falahee and Niko Pepaj in How to Get Away With Murder

No network show has delivered more graphic gay content than ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, and we have the gorgeous star Jack Falahee to thank. While we love his gay sex scenes with onscreen boyfriend Conrad Ricamora, this passionately porny hookup with Niko Pepaj in season one is… tops. Thanks for turning network TV into netWERK TV!


Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff in Looking

Looking gained a cult following thanks to its realistic portrayal of gay lovin’ in the 21st century. But we’re here looking at the chemistry between openly gay hotties Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff. During their wildly hot sex scene, Groff pounds out Tovey until both men explode in sweaty moan-filled ecstasy! It’s so real, you’ll feel like you’re really bare.


Omid Abtahi and Mousa Kraish in American Gods

Gay showrunner Bryan Fuller helped turn this fantasy series into a MANtasy (trademark pending) series. The show made headlines when Mousa Kraish, playing a fire-eyed god, topped Omid Abtahi with his huge CGI penis in a gay sex scene lasting over four minutes! Real or not, that penis left its mark on television. And on Omid’s butt.


Max Jenkins and Colby Keller in High Maintenance

The weed anthology series High Maintenance has delivered tons of great dudity, but nothing gets us higher than Max Jenkins’ gay sex scene with pornstar Colby Keller. Colby puts his peen prowess to use on Max’s ass during slow-motion sex, before later casually revealing his big cock and balls! You could say that Max took a hit from the dong.


Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten in True Blood

The fact that the second hottest gay scene in TV history is non-nude speaks to the undeniable chemistry between hard-bodied hunks Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten during their insanely intense gay make out. Skarsgard even once said that Kwanten was a better kisser than his other costars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman: “Out of the three I’ve got to say Ryan Kwanten is surprisingly a good kisser actually. He’s very tender. You wouldn’t think it because he’s kind of a tough guy but very soft, gentle, tender touch.” ‘Nuff. Freaking. Said. 


Aidan Gillen and Charlie Hunnam in Queer as Folk

And the best gay scene in television history goes to Charlie Hunnam and Aiden Gillen on the original UK version of Queer As Folk. And, how could it not? Young twink Charlie gets his ass licked by future Game of Thrones star Aiden, before Aiden penetrates Charlie in missionary. And TBH, we’re queer for it. These two make Queer As Folk hot AF. 

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