By Troy Lefferson, edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt

No man in your life? No problem! With so many shows and series to binge on, there are plenty of hunky eye candy to feast your eyes on. Luckily, Mr. Man – the most extensive online library of online celeb nudity – has compiled a list of 2022’s best nude scenes!

Hollywood took viewers to some surprisingly new-d places this year, venturing deep into the explicit in some of the year’s top pictures. Among the most talked about was HBO’s The White Lotus.  Its second season featured multiple sex scenes with British newcomer Leo Woodall, including a steamy role in the hay with his character’s gal pal Haley Lu Richardson. However, the scene that rattled the country for weeks was the one between Woodall and the man who plays his uncle in the series, Tom Hollander. It appears at #8 on the year’s Top Ten.

Theo James starred in White Lotus, and he, too, had memorable nude scenes in the series, but it is his full-frontal scenes in The Time Traveler’s Wife that lands James on Mr. Man’s Top Ten Nude list. Playing a time traveling Chicago librarian who can only time travel while naked, James strips down an incredible eighteen times throughout the season, including an unforgettable head over heels tumble down a staircase in the buff.  It is another scene in the same episode, where James crashes on the floor and exposes every inch of his chiseled body, that is the third top nude scene of the year.

HBO’s breakout hit Euphoria also managed to set the Twitterverse ablaze with multiple nude scenes.  The one that makes the list features Elias Kacavas, playing a young, closeted Cal, who comes face to face with his best friend-turned gay lover Henry Eikenberry in the boys’ locker room.  Their gay romance is cut tragically short, but not before viewers are treated to a stunning full frontal shot of Eikenberry.

Producer Ryan Murphy appears on the year’s Top Ten for a second year in a row. He made last year’s list with Halston, his Netflix series about the rise and fall of the iconic couture designer.  It depicted Ewan McGregor and Sullivan Jones engaging in much eye-popping intimacy.  This year, Murphy enters the list at #5 with Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starring Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer. It includes a steamy scene with Dahmer getting arrested and being subjected to a very revealing strip search.   Fans of Evan Peters’ enjoyed seeing another side of him – his back side.

“Hollywood is boldly going where it has never gone before when it comes to male nudity and sex, and we are here for it,” says Jack Davis of Mr. Man, the world’s leading online library of every male nude scene in the history of film and television. “Many of the scenes we saw play out on screen this year simply would not have happened in previous years.” 

That includes the top scene of the year that stars one of the biggest pop singers in the world right now, Harry Styles.  Styles plays a closeted policeman who strikes up a romance with a gay museum curator (David Dawson) in the 1950s. Their passionate affair cumulates in a nearly pornographic gay sex scene that depicts both men nude while moaning and groaning with excitement. 

“When a huge pop music star like Harry Styles is comfortable starring in a hardcore gay sex scene, that shows real progress in the world,” Mr. Davis continues.  “We’re excited to see where Hollywood takes us next!”

10. Elias Kacavas and Henry Eikenberry in Euphoria

9. Álex García, Iván Pellicer, Álvaro Rico in Holy Family

8. Leo Woodall, Tom Hollander in The White Lotus

7. Emil von Schönfels in Grand Jeté

6. Daryl McCormack in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

5. Evan Peters in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

4. Joel Kim Booster, Conrad Ricamora, Zane Phillips in Fire Island

3. Theo James in The Time Traveler’s Wife

2. Josh O’Connor in Mothering Sunday

1. Harry Styles in My Policeman

Mr. Man’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of the year were chosen by Mr. Man’s editorial, production and marketing teams.  All ten scenes are viewable in their entirety at