By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Medusa Productions takes over Atlanta’s nightclubs with Medusa’s Magical World boasting their usual flair for over-the-top décor, an insane DJ lineup, and lots of parties to turn up the circuit all weekend long February 17-20.

If you’ve ever been to a Medusa party, you know that the team behind the parties goes all out to procure world-class DJ talent and create an atmosphere with décor and lighting that takes the party to another level.

Founders Ron Medina and Jay Musa have both drawn inspiration for their large-scale productions from their travels and experiences with massive circuit parties worldwide. The shared passion for circuit-style events spawned the founding of Medusa Productions in 2020, and the duo has produced and promoted circuit parties together ever since. “My inspiration and vision when throwing a Medusa party is always remembering why we ever began doing this in the first place. We both have been very fortunate to have traveled to so many different countries where we learned so much from many different brands that we always admired, including our own local brands right here in Atlanta,” says Jay Musa.

Although they produce parties all over the country, Atlanta is the epicenter of their event production – and with Medusa’s Magical World, they are ready to take over the city’s clubs and dancefloors for a weekend full of parties. “Medusa’s Magical World will be multiple events throughout the weekend with various themes, International DJs, shows, and of course PRODUCTION,” says Musa in anticipation of the back-to-back party weekend.

With the Heretic, Future, XION, and the Atlanta Eagle as collaborators, Medusa’s Magical World is bound to take you on a magical ride with six major parties starting Friday night and ending and the early hours of Sunday morning. “We start the weekend Friday 17 at The Heretic with Arabian Nights. Saturday, we’re back at the Heretic with Medusa Kingdom. Sunday, we have two events: first with Medusa Tribal Tea Dance at the Atlanta Eagle for our debut Medusa Party at the Eagle, which we are excited for. That’s followed by an extended hours closing party at Future with Medusa Avatar: Queen of the Seas,” says Jay Musa. There will also be two Xion After Hours events at Future Friday and Saturday night (Sat and Sun AM). Finally, keep an eye out for a possible addition to the lineup of parties at a never-before-used venue – stay updated at

You can purchase weekend passes and individual tickets at, and XION after-hours tickets are sold separately at