Let’s Get Cuddly

Photographer: Justin Hsieh Mingchen @deepnightjustin
Liang @pecacho1025, Chenghao @qqqa163076 & Alvin @alvin.0101
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Modus Vivendi launches the Tiffany`s Velvet Line from the Fall Winter Collection 2020-2021. 

Inspired by the elegant and iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Tiffany’s Velvet line brings life to the brand’s take on the energy in a glamorous metropolis life and the journey of young men towards maturity. These fabulous playmates handle life with an ease brought on by the soft materials and plush textures of what they are wearing. When the city sleeps, these boys awake to slip into the velvety garments that you just want to get near and feel up close.  

The Tiffany`s Velvet Line is available now at e-modusvivendi.com.

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