By Tom Tietjen

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Micah Martinez made news earlier this month when it was announced that he was among the adult stars joining forces with the fetish porn studio Kink Men.  

Kink Men has long been one of the most recognized brands in the gay adult world, but the rise of content platforms like OnlyFans and JustforFans has led to an abundance of amateur fetish works and a deficiency in quality content.

With his new role, Martinez aims to change that.  

While he will appear in some Kink Men films, much of his work will be focused on producing and directing. “We are actively moving into doing more story-driven scenes that have not only hardcore bareback BDSM but also contain riveting storylines and character development,” Martinez says.

He also actively seeks to recruit more men of color into his films. We spoke with the BDSM legend while he was in Atlanta this week.

How did you get into porn?

 I started porn as a joke! I used to hook up with a guy in the gym showers, and we would leave the door open because I liked to show off. The guy said that since I was such an exhibitionist, I should do films. I jokingly told him if he got me a shoot, I would. He gave me a producer’s phone number; the rest is history.

What was it like shooting that first scene?  

Absolutely hilarious. I had fun, don’t get me wrong, but the premise was me bringing my boyfriend breakfast in bed, a breakfast sausage, and he then says, “Thanks, but I want your sausage.” I wish I could remember my scene partner’s name! The day was such a blur, and the scene was done so fast.

Did you know right away that you had found your calling?

I definitely didn’t think it was my calling at first. Acting was fun, but I wasn’t sure I was good at it. But then, the awards season came up, and I was nominated for a bunch of stuff, and I was kind of like, “oh… people like me… that’s cool!”

When did you begin experimenting with kink?   

When I moved to LA in 2016, I had been in a terrible and sexless relationship for like four years. I remember saying to my friend in AA — I am sober, and it all started then — that one of the things I was going to do differently while I get my life together was to find out exactly what I was into in terms of sex. I was in my early twenties and knew a minimal amount of anything aside from vanilla missionary. I wanted to try some things out! It was a very informative ho phase. I purposely tried everything legal and safe that I could think of, at least twice. A lot of it stuck, and my No’s List got shorter and shorter.

How would you classify your brand of fetish?

My interests are all over the place. Things from the milder side, like suits and ties, to literally licking an electric violet wand while tied to a chain link fence. And don’t even get me started on how much I love cosplay. I guess if I had to put a name on my fetish, it would be “Mild to Wild.”

What led you to your work with Kink Men?

When Kink Men announced they were coming back, I reached out to the powers that be and told them I was down to work with them in any capacity, from modeling to PA to casting. 

They said that they needed gay directors to shoot fetish scenes. I sent them the work I had made, and I guess it impressed them. 

What is your role at the network?

My primary role is as a director for the site TakenRough, a story-based BDSM site that we launched on KinkMen. I book a lot of talent who are new to fetish work, and my team and I take the time to show the guys how to use BDSM Play equipment, everything from floggers to cattle prods. We ensure that it is a really fun and safe environment for everybody. 

Are you actively looking to recruit more men of color into your kink Men films?

I am literally always looking for ways to bring in more men of color into my shoots in all aspects. If I am able to cast them, I do. I love working with Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters because they are quite literally the definition of professional. I also actively look to add people of color in the production and camera crews.

Who are some men of color that you would like to work with?

Isaiah Taye is stunning. Also, Tony Genius, Max Konnor, Andre Bradford, AJ Sloan, and Amone Bane. There are more I have my eye on. I just have to be sensitive to who wants to come on in and get tied up. It’s not everyone’s thing and I try my best to respect that.

What is your advice to men interested in pursuing a career in adult film?

When I first started, a director had the nerve to tell my agent that I was not black enough. It made me want to quit the industry. But then it hit me that a white man in his late sixties was not an authority of my blackness, and I came back swinging. My next scene got nominated for an award. I learned that day that most people are talking out of their asses and should be paid no mind.

What is the most challenging aspect of being an adult film star?

The schedule changes. I’m flexible, but sometimes the last-minute changes get a bit crazy.

Do you have to spend hours in the gym?  

I work out a minimum of two hours per day, five days a week, but not for the job; more so for myself. When I first started in porn, I was 155 pounds with a size 30 waist, but because of my body hair, I was nominated for the Best Bear award. I kinda read that as, “oh, cool, I can lean into being a bit heavier and not have to starve all the time.” I’m now 224 with a size 36 waist, and I get more work than I did back in the day, plus, I feel better. So while image is important, sometimes the image that sells will surprise you.

How important is it for talent to be active on social media?

Woo chile, social media! I hate social media and let’s be real, most of social media hates us sex workers. But for this job, posting and engagement is basically a resume and cover letter. When I’m casting, I will go off of recommendations from other directors, but even then, I often go to social media to see if the model is a good fit for a scene. What do they look like, how do they play to the camera, are they dom, sub, or both? What kind of scene scenarios would they be good in, etc.? Social sites are insanely annoying, but they serve a purpose. Sadly.

What are you working on next for Kink Men?

Next up at Kink Men is a project I’m insanely excited about. I wrote, directed, and cast the project, and it is based on my favorite horror franchise, Silent Hill. It will be our next full series at Kink Men!