Lady Bunny is C**T-agious

By Matthew Blanco

In her new comedy show, Cunt-agious, demented drag diva Lady Bunny shamelessly interrupts your isolation in an attempt to give what may be your last laugh before the apocalypse. The show, that premiered Friday, June 5 at, showcases Bunny’s raucous Laugh-In inspired joke routine that goes from deranged to filthy, with Bunny showing off her signature dance moves (well, the ones the old gal didn’t forget decades ago).  With an emphasis on COVID-19 humor, expect brand new song parodies from artists as varied as Lizzo, Justin Bieber and Madonna.  Drag sensation Christeene will join Bun-Bun for a duet of her updated version of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is” and Bunny’s gal pal RuPaul will get worked over in a parody of “Sissy That Walk” called “Sissy That Cough.”  Three new skits will show off Bunny’s comedic chops in non-musical ways and showcase the hilarity of co-writer Beryl Mendelbaum. Can Lady Bunny’s COVID clowning be categorized as too soon or too early? Only one way to find out!

Lady Bunny is best known for creating Wigstock, the outrageous festival of love, peace and hair grease which became the subject of two documentaries: Samuel Goldwyn’s Wigstock The Movie in 1995 and HBO’s Wig in 2019.

While she has enjoyed hosting both of Werq The World’s livestreams with Bianca Del Rio, Cunt-agious is Bunny’s first full-length online offering during self-isolation. “I’ve downed some special loads, but I’ve never downloaded a special!” she quips. “When your income involves audiences and dance floors packed together tightly, then your income has stopped for the foreseeable future.  And my wigs are too mammoth to permit me to fit onto a Facebook live video format.”

She’s trying something new with Cunt-agious; she even wrote a theme song for it! And as viewers will soon see in this new “viral” video, Bunny’s hefty talents have grown even larger—thanks to the fact that she’s an excellent cook. Get ready to laugh your masks off! And for all those dying for a glimpse of Bunny out of drag, this is your moment.

Masks and mascara make a great combination, along with four giant wigs and twelve costume changes packed into 35 minutes. This floozy offers unhinged Tips to Survive A Pandemic, and a visit to a fake newsroom for headlines we’d all like to see.

Laughter, not Clorox, is the best medicine, so tune into Cunt-agious for an overdose of it. Tickets are $9.99 and available at

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