By John Stein

Tammie Brown and Kelly Mantle star in OUTtv’s new special Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular, that premiered October 21.  The variety show will include hilarious comedic sketches with ghouls and goblins and guest star appearances by Sonique Love, April Carrión, Fena Barbitall, Todd Glass, and the Sugarbaker Twins. It will also feature two new Tammie Brown songs, “Soothsayer” and “Pumpkin Blaster.” 

“I love the variety show format,” says Tammie Brown, the drag persona created by Keith Glen Schubert who is best known for her stand-out appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. She has released four music albums including the popular hit singles, “Port-A-Potty Prostitute” and “Schubert,” and regularly performs all over the world. “Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular will be a rip-roaring event,” she promises.

Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular will also see the return of Kelly Mantle’s zany alter-ego, Sheila. “People love Sheila because she has no filter, no censor and no shame,” Mantle explains.  “She says what we’re all thinking. She’s bold and blunt, but it goes down smooth like a Pumpkin latte mixed with Southern Comfort.”

Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular is directed by John Mark, who also created Tammie Brown and Kelly Mantle’s half-hour comedy series, The Browns, available on OUTtv. “This Halloween special is yet another gift to the world,” he proclaims.  “The scene between the two seasoned drag queens and the troupe of young children is particularly hilarious.”

He praises OUTtv for making Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular available to fans. “We love working with OUTtv.  They give an abundance of creative freedom to the projects they take on. Tammie’s humor and narrative tastes are often bizarre and non-linear, but that’s also her genius. OUTtv sees and believes in Tammie Brown and we’re all the better for it! Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular” will be available to stream on and on AppleTV+ via the OUTtv Channel beginning October 21.