Gifts From the Heart

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Going for traditional chocolate and flowers is perfectly fine, but if you want to spell out I LOVE YOU, go for something that is from the heart.

Heart Fur Baby
Your fur baby and shared love is the perfect gift idea! Get your doggie ‘blueprint’ with fun and vital information about the breed.
Dog Blueprint from WetNoseWigglyButts, $50

Like Cuddling
The weighted blanket applied a little pressure to your body – just like someone was cuddling you. The perfect gift for when one of you is away.
Gravity Weighted Blanket, from $189

Let’s Go Somewhere
Get past just making plans and get traveling! This scratch-off world map can work as an extra motivator, so your love can cover the world!
Scratch the World Map, $40

Boost Your Love
A little boost, lift, and pump in the bedroom is always fun. Gift him one of these, and surprise him by wearing one of your own.
Oxball 360 Dual Cockring, $22

Sanitized Handheld
Your phone is basically dirtier than a public toilet seat – and those are not the kind of germs you want to exchange with your loved one. Get clean and sanitized with PhoneSoap that sanitizes your phone with UV light. And yes, it comes in pairs.
PhoneSoap Go 2-Pack, $199.90

Classic and Cool
Jewelry is always a good gift – especially if it means something. Like this ‘key to your heart’ on a cool choker chain.
Vitaly Breach Pendant and Choker, $75

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