By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Heyday is expanding its footprint in Georgia – and that’s good news for your skin! As the seasons change, your skin needs to switch to Spring mode, which often means you must switch up your routine. DAVID spoke to Patrick Ryan-Southern, CEO of L5 Skincare and the L5-owned Heyday franchises, about how Heyday can help you build your ultimate skincare regimen to prepare your skin for Spring.

Heyday has made quite the splash in Georgia, opening several new stores. Please tell us a little bit about Heyday and this expansion.

The decision to expand in Atlanta just makes sense. The Krog District, Midtown Promenade, and Perimeter’s Ashford Lane are bustling with foot traffic and like-minded retailers offering Atlantans places to shop, dine, and treat themselves. The Heyday experience is all about self-care and prioritizing your specific skincare needs, and Atlanta is the perfect city to introduce our innovative services and progressive products to diverse communities who can benefit from our accessible 50-Minute Facial. Enjoying a treatment at Heyday doesn’t require setting a whole day aside, and that’s what makes it a favorite destination for so many of our busy clients looking to prioritize their skincare routines in Atlanta.

With Heyday as an example, what is a good skincare routine?

Amidst all the products and treatments out there, getting customized treatments and personalized skincare advice regularly is the key to unlocking your best skin. We like to say that 80% of a consistent skincare routine happens at home, and 20% happens in our shop with our expert Skin Therapists. They’re trained to ask questions and work with our clients to determine what one’s skin needs on a particular day or during a particular season. They recommend perfectly specific facial treatments and the right lineup of products from our retail shop that empower clients to continue “getting their glow on” at home, no matter their schedule or budget.

Winter can be a rough time for your skin – cold weather, dry indoor climate – so what do you recommend doing to repair and boost your skin?

Hydrate and nourish, inside and out! While we recommend richer moisturizers and creamy gel cleansers (plus a solid lineup of oils and balms) in the winter, focusing on drinking plenty of water and eating nourishing ingredients is an important part of defying the dehydrating effects of winter. Additionally, a little massage goes a long way in the winter, so we encourage our clients and members to maintain their consistent monthly facial routine in the cold months. Facial stimulation and exercise deeply warms the skin, keeps healthy circulation and cell oxygenation going, keeps toxins on their way, and tones the muscles to keep you supple and lifted. 

What are three great things you can do for your skin this Spring?

We can sum it up in three letters: S.P.F.! Our Skin Therapists will be the first to tell you daily sunscreen usage is essential in the spring and summer months. Our tips: Make sure the sunscreen you choose is at least SPF 30+, listed as “Broad-Spectrum,” and is a product you love to use every day.

What is your all-time favorite product?

I love all of the progressive products lining the Heyday shelves, but I never leave a facial without restocking on Chia + Moringa® Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil by Mara. It’s an oil-based cleanser that sweeps away makeup, dirt, and grime while hydrating and brightening the skin at the same time. It’s a must-have for me!

Anything else you’d like to add?

We love welcoming new guests at Heyday, whether you’re a skincare guru or it’s your first-ever facial! Book your first appointment at today for just $70 (normally $135) at our Midtown, Krog District, or Perimeter location.