By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Baby, it may be cold outside, but it’s heating up inside! Stuff those stockings with sexy gifts that will turn up the heat and make you wish that Santa came down your chimney again and again.

For Your Holiday Stuffing

Double Scorpio, known for their, ahem, ‘VHS tape cleaner,’ has just launched their own lube. Choose between silicone- or water-based to make your gay sex even gayer.

Double Scorpio Water-Based Lube, $13 at

Keep the Schedule Sexy

Stay on track with your schedules while enjoying a little eye candy. The Daddy Terry Miller Calendar keeps it sexy, kinky, and colorful with brand-new photos (and a nude centerfold!).

Terry Miller 2023 Daddy Calendar, $22 at

For Those Cuddly Nights

The slim-fit joggers are super flexible, and the mesh fabric adds a sexy surprise for those who want to take a closer look at what lies beneath the camo print.

Code22 See Me Jogger Camo Khaki, $85 at Brushstrokes 

Meshy at The Gym

For lovers of all things meshy, these shorts are the perfect companion for the gym. Super breathable and with deep pockets in a contrasting peach-colored fabric.

Alfons Dovana Mykonos Mesh Shorts, $105 at

What’s Under the Mesh?

Not only is this jock super comfortable with a soft, flexible elastic band, but the front codpiece in leather look is fully detachable for when the mood shifts from cuddles to caresses.

Maskulo Men’s Jock with Detachable Codpiece, $47 at

(Un)Dressed for the Bar

The classic bar vest is the perfect gift for the leather connoisseur or someone just starting their leather collection. It comes in many sizes and can be fitted at Barking Leather’s shop.

Barking Leather Bar Vest with Pockets, $150 at