Favorite Things: Winter Moods

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

The cold weather influences me to cushion myself a little and create a little cocoon of wellness and wellbeing. And even though I do well with enveloping myself in protective products, there are also safe options out there if you choose to let someone else pamper you.

Gentleman’s Facial

In the capable hands of Patrick Smith, you will get a top of the line facial. He has also invested in additional safety measures so that you can feel secure during the service – book at skinquility.com.

Skinquility Gentleman’s Facial, 60 minutes/$100

Massage Heaven

Frank has implemented numerous safety precautions, including HEPA-filtered air purifiers, temp checks, and mask requirements to make your massage experience as safe and relaxing as possible – and it works! Book at Franksantore.com.

60-minute Massage Session, $90

Calming Cushion

With the colder weather, your skin may need a little extra cushion to ward off the cold, and facial oil is the best at this. A few drops added to your moisturizer (for me at best at night), and your skin gets help to create the proper barrier.  

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate Face Oil, $52

Scent of Summer

Who would have thought that a deodorant can take me back to summers under exotic skies? Native’s new limited “Jungalow” collection does precisely that.

Native “Jungalow” Sandalwood & Fig Deodorant, $12

Help to Heel

The dry heat indoors can sometimes feel like an attack on my feet that will even crack a little under the strain. After a few days with this product and I am walking on air again.

Origins Reinventing The Heel Mega-Moisture Foot Cream, $30

Dream Away

Isn’t it crazy how a scent can elevate your mood or transport you to somewhere else? Philip B’s products feel so indulgent, which is also because of their beautiful fragrances that envelop you in the shower.

Philip B Scent of Santa Fe Hair + Body Shampoo, $48


Winter Healing

Winter is the perfect time to remedy some of the (sun) damage done to your skin over the summer. A growth factor serum is bio-engineered to boost the skin’s collagen production, and after only a week’s use, it shows!

Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum, $90

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