Dear Peach

Weekly LGBTQ Help Column

Dear Peach,

I’ve had a tough life dealing with self-esteem issues and anxiety when out in public. I can’t help but think that people are constantly looking at me or judging me for the way that I look, sound, act, etc. How can I manage that anxiety while also working on developing my self-esteem to feel more confident going out and just enjoying the moment?

From Peach: Everyone around you has self-esteem issues! To be honest, you probably think that some folks around you have the utmost confidence in themselves but realistically they are just as broken inside as you claim to be… if not more. Sometimes people cover their insecurities up with gym obsession, some cover it up with humor, and others hide it amongst their work knowing that they are good at something and hiding how they really feel. But you have an advantage because you already know that you have the insecurities and you can refocus that energy and turn it into your strength. If you can take the time to step back and see you’re true worth then you are going to feel so much happier! Always consider how the day went positively and what you did that was awesome as opposed to what you didn’t do or need to improve upon.