Dear Peach

How do I measure my happiness? I know that folks tell you that money doesn’t buy happiness but in todays climate where there’s so much inflation it seems as though money truly is the only way to buy happiness. Not necessarily the material objects that bring many people happiness, but necessities to live. I feel cheated by life! Any advice? 

I personally have always said that money makes the world go round. And unfortunately, it’s true. There’s no alternative to having money this day in age. Because it’s so difficult to try and make a living nowadays it becomes a burden to even spend money on the necessary things in life; let alone if you wanna spend money on things, vacations or days off that are a stress relief for you. 

I guess what you have to look at is if you are truly HAPPY. But, what does happiness look like to you? Are you someone who values the roof over their head and that’s about it? Are you someone who needs a new car every few years to feel better and more secure? Whatever the case may be, you need to find what YOUR happiness is and measure it by that. If you can take the good and realize that it may be enough, then your happiness may grow exponentially. If you only need material wealth to make it, then you might be in a pickle in todays age.

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