Dear Peach

All content credited to Chris González LaCorte

How do I make sure that I can actually take care of myself? I feel like I’m reaching adulthood in my age but I don’t necessarily know if I am able to act as an adult or what’s expected of one. Any advice on how to grow up?

This is definitely a question that I feel a lot of people need to be asking.

First and foremost your finances are something that you definitely need to pay close attention to. You had disposable income because you were living under your parents roof or you were living with a roommate, now you need to pay attention and see if you can afford to live on your own. By no means is living on your own the sign of being an adult but in an older age you will start to notice that you do like to have your privacy.

Secondly, make sure that communication is something that is at the forefront of your mind all the time. As you get older and start to encounter other people in the workplace you will begin to notice that things can get misconstrued. If you can effectively communicate with other people then the world is your oyster. Through networking and friendship you’ll be able to build a support system… which brings us to…

THREE: have a solid support system around you! You need to have a solid support system in order to succeed. Find those friends that will be those ride or dies until the very end. They are few and far between but when you find them you’ll know. And even those friends that you think will be in your life for just a reason or a season, they have their purpose in your life and you in theirs.