My friend and I always have a good time; we hang out all the time because neither of us is in a relationship right now. The other day we were watching a show, and suddenly, he joked that he had a boner. Before I knew it, we were having really good sex on the couch. Afterward, we dressed and watched the show as if nothing had happened. But I’ve been thinking: is he into me? Or is this just a friends-with-benefits thing?

Your first question should be, are you into him? Because if you are this could be a pleasant development to things. You may have missed signs from him and yourself that this is a thing. If not, perhaps you are fortunate to hit that friends-with-benefits zone where there’s a mutual attraction but not an emotional connection in terms of being in a relationship. Regardless, tread carefully because it’s a fine line between having things develop romantically and complicating a friendship with sex.