By Mark Monteroso

Bobby Newberry began his career in music as a choreographer for Eminem. Since then, he has danced with a string of the world’s top artists, including Nicki Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Wayne. His choreography work has also been seen on TV in Dancing with the Stars and X-Factor. 

Five years ago, he released his debut EP, The Newberry Special. It included the hit single, “Dirrty Up (featuring Jessie and The Toy Boys).” This month, he returns to clubs with “Blackout,” a hard-pounding, sultry ride with a surprise flip at the end that echoes his love of nightlife and taking parties from 0 to 100. It will be featured on his next EP, releasing soon. 

We caught up with Bobby Newberry at his home in Los Angeles.

Have you been known to party until you blackout?

I’ve had a few in my day.

Do you remember your last blackout? 

I do! It was after I headlined Miami pride. I went out with my friends and dancers to celebrate, and we didn’t really eat much but had many, many tequilas. 

Where did you wake up?

I woke up in my friend’s hotel room, luckily! I couldn’t piece together most of the night. I got the play-by-play from my friend, and then I called everyone else I had been with to make sure I didn’t do anything I needed to apologize for.

Most of your songs are about nightlife and wild partying.

I have always been drawn to music that makes me want to dance and have fun. To me, music is about creating a vibe, a fun feeling. I figure that if you are going out, my music can help facilitate that journey. 

Is that why you live in LA? 

Honestly, I rarely go out in LA. Like, ever. Eighty percent of the time, I’m at home chilling in sweatpants. This pandemic has turned me into the biggest homebody. But when I’m out of town, in some new city, then it’s different. I am going out and doing and seeing everything that city has to offer!

Have you partied in Atlanta? 

Oh yes, I love Atlanta! I have been there at least twenty times. Do you know what I love most about Atlanta? The food! I am a food fanatic, and my number one favorite thing to do is try new restaurants. 

I don’t order just one plate, either. I typically order a few items on the menu to really experience the cuisine. It’s expensive but worth it. I hope to be back in Atlanta for Pride!   

Where were you born and raised? 

I was born in Orange County in California. My mom had me when she was 22 and wasn’t ready to have a child at all. Life was really tough growing up. Thank God I had singing and dancing to throw myself into. It helped me not to focus on the many bad things happening around me.

What led to your becoming a choreographer?

In high school, I would freestyle dance moves in my bedroom. I loved coming up with my own routines. I started showing people what I was doing, and they wanted to learn the moves, so it kind of turned into a business. I began teaching dances and routines to people as a side hustle.

What mistakes did you make in the beginning of your choreography career? 

I was very trusting; way too trusting. Some people can be very shady in this business, especially to young choreographers just starting out. They’ll lie, take advantage of your time, steal your choreography, and refuse to give you credit.

What do you consider to have been your greatest achievement in dance? 

 I think it’s all of the people that I have touched. So many dancers have reached out to me to say that I inspired them to want to pursue a career in the industry. I love that I have impacted people’s lives with my story and my work.

Are you still working as a choreographer, or are you now focusing full time on your recording career?

I consider myself an all-around artist. As long as I’m singing, songwriting, working on choreography, or doing anything creative really, I’m happy.   

What is the status of your sophomore album?

It’s taken forever. I was originally supposed to release it in April 2020, and then the world shut down, so I held it. I was then set to release this summer, but at the last minute, I decided to write and record more music. I finally have it done now, and I am releasing it in September.

What is your idea of perfect happiness today?

To be content and happy with where I am in the moment. I am never like that because I am never satisfied. Something in me is always striving for more which drives me crazy.

On what occasion do you lie?

I hate liars. I guess there is a time and a place for a little white lie, and that’s when it stops someone from getting their feelings hurt.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

To not be so hard on myself.

If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would you live?

New York is probably my favorite city in the world, but I would also like to live part-time in LA, Miami, a few months in Europe, and maybe Hotlanta?

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