Atlanta Pride Festival Announces 2024 Grand Marshals

Atlanta Pride announces the Grand Marshals of the 2024 Atlanta Pride Festival on October 12-13. These remarkable individuals and organizations have made significant contributions to Georgia’s LGBTQ+ community and beyond, exemplifying this year’s theme of “United With Pride.”

Amber Moore (She/Her)
Executive Director, Real Bois Talk Inc. | Founder, Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity
Amber Moore, the founder and driving force behind Real Bois Talk, has been an unwavering advocate for the visibility and empowerment of queer and transmasculine individuals of color. Her dedication to creating safe and inclusive spaces for dialogue and support has profoundly impacted the community.

Atlanta Freedom Bands
Atlanta Freedom Bands has been spreading joy and pride through music for years. Their performances entertain, unite, and uplift the community, embodying the spirit of celebration and solidarity. Their ensembles include the Atlanta Freedom Concert Band, the Atlanta Freedom Marching Band and Color Guard, and the MetroGnomes Stage Band.

Dr. Elijah Nicholas (He/Him)
Founder and Chairman of The Global Trans Equity Project
Dr. Elijah Nicholas has dedicated his life to advocating for transgender rights and equity on a global scale. Through The Global Trans Equity Project, Dr. Nicholas has been instrumental in driving policy changes and fostering a more inclusive world for transgender individuals.

Jorge Estevez (He/Him)
Anchor, Channel 2 Action News
With over twenty years of journalism experience, Jorge Estevez has used his platform to champion LGBTQ+ issues and bring visibility to the community. This Emmy-award-winning anchor uses his platform to educate and inform the public, promoting understanding and acceptance.

Lost-n-Found Youth
Lost-n-Found Youth has been a beacon of hope for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Atlanta. Their tireless efforts to provide housing, resources, and a supportive network have transformed countless lives, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

R. Darlene Hudson (She/Her)
Co-Founder, Southern Unity Movement
R. Darlene Hudson, a passionate activist and leader of the Southern Unity Movement, has relentlessly advocated for social justice and equality. A co-founder of the Rustin Lorde Breakfast, her work has brought about meaningful change and fostered a sense of unity and purpose within the community. For decades, she has lent her voice to numerous causes, including HIV/AIDS awareness, homelessness, and racial inequity.

Roger Rutkowski (He/Him)
Founder, Atlanta Socializers and Mountain Men of North Georgia
Roger Rutkowski, founder of the Atlanta Socializers and Mountain Men of North Georgia LGBTQ+ social clubs, has created a vibrant and welcoming social network for metro Atlanta’s queer community. His commitment to fostering connections and creating safe spaces has made these groups a cornerstone of the local LGBTQ+ scene.

Taylor ALXNDR (They/She)
Co-Founder/Executive Director of Southern Fried Queer Pride
Mother of the House of ALXNDR
Taylor ALXNDR is a visionary artist and community leader. As the founder of the House of ALXNDR and Southern Fried Queer Pride, Taylor has created spaces that celebrate and uplift queer art and culture. Their innovative work continues to inspire and empower the community.

“We are incredibly honored to have such an extraordinary group standing “United With Pride” this year,” said Chris McCain, executive director of Atlanta Pride. “Each Grand Marshal has made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, and their dedication to equality and inclusion is truly inspiring. We look forward to celebrating their achievements and the vibrant diversity of our community at the 2024 Atlanta Pride Festival.”

The 2024 Atlanta Pride Festival will take place from October 12-13, 2024, and feature a weekend full of exciting events, performances, and the iconic parade. The Atlanta Pride Parade, Atlanta’s largest annual parade, steps off at noon on Sunday, October 13, 2024. Join us in celebrating love, diversity, and unity as we honor our Grand Marshals and the incredible community they represent.

For more information on this year’s festival, including how to volunteer or become a vendor, please visit

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