Ask the Lesbo: 3

– because we all need a wise, Lesbian BFF!

By Marci Alt

Sometimes you just need the advice of a seasoned queer woman in your life! Happy holidays to all of you, and may your holidays be safe and always GAY. I also want to take a moment to thank Peach ATL for this opportunity to be our community’s next ‘Dear Abby’! Remember, if you have a question you can’t seem to answer, or you just need some advice, please reach out – I’d love to give you some help.

Dear Lesbo,
I am writing to you to hear some good advice on a very delicate situation I am in. About a year ago, my now ex-boyfriend and I did a video of us in bed. He promised after we watched it, he would delete it – stupid me for believing him. Last week, I found out this video is on TikTok. I tried calling my ex, and unfortunately, his number is disconnected! I relentlessly asked TIKTOK to take this down, as I never gave consent. Not only have they not taken it down, I still haven’t heard back. My problem now is how do I tell my BOYFRIEND. I am afraid of the consequences if I tell him.
Sexual Video Released

Sex Scandal
First, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I have never videotaped my sexual experiences, and you just gave me reassurance in why not. I truly believe if your boyfriend now loves you, he will be understanding and compassionate. Honesty is always the best policy. Just remember, if he asks you to do another video with him, this time, PLEASE JUST SAY NO.

Dear Lesbo,
I hate New Year’s. It seems I never have a partner this time of year, so when midnight strikes, I have no one to kiss. My dilemma this year is that all my friends are going to be at a house party, most of which have partners; even though I was invited, I have no plus 1. Should I just go anyway and hide in the bathroom at midnight, or should I stay home lonely and watch NETFLIX???
Lonely @ Midnight

Dear Lonely
I understand your dilemma; however, don’t let being single stop you! Come outside of the bathroom and embrace your single self! Really, is it New Year’s you hate, or just being single? My advice to you is to go to your friend’s party and at Midnight declare yourself a new Boyfriend for this year!! Loneliness is not fun, so remember, pee way before midnight this year, and hopefully, this year, you will find your TRUE LOVE!

Marci Alt is a household name within the Atlanta LGBTQ+ community – she created the The Gay Community Yellow Pages and runs the popular Gayborhood online platform. Being part of the community does not give her the experience alone to answer the questions on this page, but many years owning and running several successful businesses and being the parent of two amazing children certainly quantifies her knowledge, that she so generously shares with you in this column.

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