Love This Mann

By Shane Gallagher


 Haulston Mann Stirs Things Up and Shakes Things Down on the Third Season of “History.”


The third season of the LGBTQ series, History, premieres this Valentine’s Day and it fittingly aims to answer the age-old question: What is Love?


The show explores the struggles faced by most 30-something gay men today — complex issues such as gender roles, toxic masculinity, rejection, and loyalty. In the end, we learn what love is for each individual, and whether the baggage from their past can ever be overcome.


All the crew are back for season three including Will, deciding whether or not to give in to his new boyfriend’s insistence that they move in together; Matthew, working on accepting his boyfriend’s flaws; Ted, exploring a relationship with a drag queen; and Jamie and Mark, who are considering the possibility of opening up their relationship. They eye Brandon, played by Haulston Mann, as a possible candidate.  Look at him.  Can you blame them?


We spoke with Haulston hunka-hunka Mann about the new season of History and what love means to him this Valentine’s Day.


Haulston, you’ve finished filming the entire season of History so you must be able to tell us now:  What is love?

I think love is a selfless caring for someone or something. But what do I know? I’m in my twenties.


That’s true.  What do guys in their twenties know about love?  Love for Brandon, your character in History, appears especially messy.

Brandon sees the term “love” as something overly romantic and laughable. He’s a pleasure seeker as opposed to someone who digs for a deeper connection.


What advice would you give him in order to find true and lasting love — if that’s even what he wants?

I’m not sure it is what he wants, but he could benefit from a true connection with someone. A friend who he could talk to about fears. Someone special that he could sit with in silence and be completely happy. Connections like that are the meat of life.


What are some other meats of life? 

I love to create. The way I experience acting or writing or movement is the same experience I had when I was a kid playing pretend in the back yard.  When your imagination is unleashed, it’s such an incredible feeling. When you can draw other people into playing around too, what’s not to love about that!?


How much time do you spend practicing your craft?

That’s hard to quantify. Each time I go into an audition is a chance to grow. And, of course, there are hours and hours of classes. I also enjoy working on classical text on my own time.


How much time do you spend in the gym?

About an hour and a half a day, five days a week.


What are the benefits that you get from all that time spent lifting and stretching?

I’ve really had a lot of success with using my physique in casting, but beyond that, it’s grounding to have a daily routine, and I love starting my days spending time with my training partners.


What’s one thing you must have from a lover, Haulston?

Please, GOD, be funny.


I try to be funny.  What’s one thing you’ll never accept from a lover?

No bullies allowed. The most attractive quality someone can have is empathy and understanding for others.


Check.  Are you romantic? 

I’ve had periods of being a smitten romantic and periods of being very cynical about romance. Deep down, though, I love being romantic with someone.


What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

I was once taken to the Rothko Chapel in Houston, and we shared an hour in the single room experiencing the massive paintings in silence and completely present with one another. That was pretty cool.


Do you recommend fans watch the third season of History alone or with someone they love?

As Brandon would say, the more, the merrier. Share the experience. Discuss the different reactions to it. That’s what life is all about, right?

The first two seasons of HISTORY are available on YouTube.  All six episodes of season three will premiere on Youtube on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Visit for more.





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