NGIT: Scorpio Season Sexcapades

By Branden Lee



Scorpios are known for being the most vengeful and vindictive signs in the zodiac. We’re also known for being the most sexual and sensual signs. Since Scorpio season began, I’ve felt like my sex drive has been in overdrive. I’m insatiable.


I got with four guys in one week. My first new lover is Fro-Hawk. We met on Scruff. He’s exactly my type. Big, burly, and bearded. We’ve hung out and hooked up a couple of times, including having a sleepover. I like that’s he’s got this big football player build, and used to play in his younger days. Yet he’s also a big nerd into cosplay, alternative music, and even paints his nails. It’s like best of both worlds dating someone comfortable with themselves and not so obsessed with masculinity and femininity. The sexual chemistry is great. We talk every day. I like him a lot, despite him being a pescetarian. I love meat, and ideally, want a man that does too. Just in the grand scheme, it would be shallow to dismiss a guy because of his eating habits. Unless he’s a vegan. I could never be with anyone with that eating disorder.


The second one was ACDC. He was visiting from DC, and we hooked up in the AC hotel. I topped him. I haven’t topped in a while, at least not successfully. I have been saying for months I wanted to be more verse, and this time it finally happened. It was an incredibly hot experience, and I definitely want to top again. I haven’t had much desire to bottom, and topping is so much less stressful. No having to go through all that effort in douching and opening up my hole. That process can take over an hour. If you top you don’t even have to worry about having a clean hole, just make sure your dick gets hard and stays hard.


Thirdly, there was Beast. Beast has been a somewhat consistent lover of mine since the summer. I only see him monthly. Beast recently got a new job only five minutes away from where I live. He was hitting me up daily about hooking up again, but I was either already asleep or in the middle of hooking up with someone else whenever he texted me. Beast was the first guy I topped this year, which first ignited my desire to want to start topping more, though this recent encounter no anal was had.


Lastly, there was Tower Trade. This DL guy that lives down the street from me. He messaged me on Grindr one night as I was preparing for bed. I wasn’t even expecting to hookup that night, but since I’m never not horny, I was up for some fun. We had a great encounter. No idea if or when I’ll see him again, but I had fun.


I’ve been enjoying the promiscuity and feeding my insatiable sex drive. I’m also of two minds. The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. The world is getting darker. It would be nice to have a boyfriend. Someone to come home to. Consistency. No longer have to search for a man. Get a break from all these apps and one-night stands and have love again.


Maybe it’s a difficult time of year since it’s the holidays, and this time last year I did have a boyfriend. Well barely, since we broke up every other week and he ruined every holiday. I need a do-over to truly know what it’s like to have a boyfriend for the holidays.


It’s better to be single and free than feel trapped in a toxic, unhealthy relationship. On the other hand, there is no better feeling than being in love, and feeling loved in return. Autumn is full of so many emotions.


Scorpios are known for being cruel and slutty, but we’re also intensely passionate when in love. I’ve only had one boyfriend for barely six months, but deep down I think I’m a relationship person. No one wants to be a single slut forever.

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