Shave It, Don’t Save It

By Branden Lee



As the cooler temperatures of Autumn and Winter are quickly approaching, it’s common to neglect shaving. Winter is associated with hibernation, getting hairier to get warm, and letting the hair grow where it wants. Well, gentlemen, you’re not an animal. You still need to groom. Here are some hairy places you better not neglect this winter.



Eyebrows have become their own separate entity in the beauty industry that requires their own specialist to maintain. No one wants a unibrow, and no one wants to have sex with a guy with one. Your face is always your most important feature, so make sure you aren’t letting your brows go neglected.


Nose Hair and Ears

It’s always distracting when you can see someone’s nose hairs poking out through their nostrils. Make sure you have a trimmer for them. Nose hairs do help protect from getting sick, but it’s still important to cut them down every few months or weeks. Also, out of control ear hair doesn’t only happen to senior citizens. Make sure there is no rabid ear hair growing out of place, and keep it well groomed.



Fellas you should know to keep your pubic hair well maintained. No one wants a hairball, and have to spend time picking pubes out of their teeth after going down on you. You’re lucky if your furry forest crotch doesn’t scare guys away, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t go overboard either. Most guys do seem to prefer some hair down there, but make sure it’s decent.


Ass Hair

It’s more acceptable than ever to declare your love for eating ass. Even straight people are doing it, just ask Gabrielle Union. So make sure your ass is well-groomed. If your ass is so hairy that you have ‘stuff’ getting caught in it, there’s a major problem. Shave it all off!



This should be obvious. No one wants a hobbit with hairy feet. Make sure your toes are trimmed, and there’s not a single follicle on your feet.

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