Your End of Summer Checklist

By Jamie Kirk


With the end of Summer fast approaching (sigh), I thought it would be pretty cool to put together some end-of-summer to-dos. So, here goes!


  1. Go to breakfast, lunch or brunch on a patio, and people-watch. I don’t care how crowded the restaurant is, wait for outdoor seating.


  1. Take in a full day at the pool, obviously with sunscreen on. But go out about 10:00 a.m. with a good book, take a break for lunch and then head back out. Really soak up the sun and the beauty of a nice summer day.


  1. Drive up to Stone Mountain, go to Sweet Water, or any trail NOT in the city limits. Go on a hike or go mountain biking – the key to enjoying nature is breathing non-Midtown air.


  1. Go to a Festival. There are still a few more to take in, most notably the North Highland festival. A funnel cake is never a bad idea.


  1. Take a day off and work at a coffee shop and sit outside “IF” you have the type of job that allows for this. Or, if you are in school, study outside the library.


  1. If you have a pet, visit a dog park, but extend the visit much longer than normal. Let your baby go without a lease and run amuck with his/her friends in the park.  No constraints, just going commando so to speak.


  1. Take a free yoga class in the park. These are still offered in many areas. Get your downward facing dog “on” with other folks that want to experience the sun on their backs, as they stretch and find a little bit of inner peace.


  1. Water, Water, Water. Atlanta is pretty much landlocked, so go to Lake Lanier or a nice community pool and hang out IN the water. Not laying out, that was #2, this is actually relaxing in the water to relax your muscles and regulate your heartbeat for a few hours or so.


  1. Go for a walk that is at least 3 miles, if your health situation allows. Instead of taking Uber, or one of those dumb electric things, walk. Walk to Whole Foods, walk to Peachtree Battle, walk the Beltline.


  1. Do nothing. Nothing. Zero. No action items. No errands. No time commitments. Just be un-busy for a 24 hour period.  Maybe in unplug from social media and reduce the number of interactions you have with anyone ( outside of close friends and family ).


I don’t know how many of these you can accomplish, but I am going to try and hit each one.  It’s a good idea to really just check out, while you can, and the weather permits.  You will never regret taking time out for the most important person in the world – YOU!



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