Top Gay Superheroes

By Branden Lee

Labor Day weekend is going to be party central in Atlanta. DragonCon and Black Gay Pride will be happening simultaneously. While you’re stripping down for Black Gay Pride, you can also dress up for Dragon Con. The Marvel and DC comic universes are full of queer characters, some who you may not even realize are members of the LGBTQ community. Here are some gay comic characters you may want to cosplay as for Dragon Con.



The big, Russian, muscle man, steel-skinned, stud member of the X-Men has been gay in the Ultimate X-Men series. If you don’t mind painting your skin or wearing a body suit, while practicing your Russian accent, Colossus would be an excellent choice. If you’re in a couple then the bigger boyfriend can be Colossus, and the smaller one can be his boyfriend Northstar.


Loki hasn’t been depicted as explicitly gay in the Marvel movies, but if you follow the comics the character is pretty queer. Want to dress up as the Norse god of mischief? Then Loki will be a great choice.


Iceman is one of the original X-Men, but none of his depictions in the Fox movies were queer. Some iterations of his comic character have been gay, so if you do want to cover your body in body paint and show off, Iceman is an excellent choice.



The Ray

Out actor Russell Tovey depicts The Ray in the CW DC comic series, and they decided to make the character gay as well. The Ray may not be the most well known comic character, but that gives you time to make the character your own with queer representation.


Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific is another DC Comics character that is a regular on Arrow. His powers are more technology-based, and he can create little bombs and gadgets. A pretty simple costume if you go based off of the Arrow character.



Not exactly a gay male character, but Batwoman is going to make history as the first openly gay superhero to lead their own live action show. Nothing wrong with wanting to dress up as a female character, since female characters tend to be the best.

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