New Gay in Town: Summer Lovers

By Branden Lee

With every lover comes a new adventure. This summer has definitely been full of plenty of adventures, and we’re not even halfway through.

First, there’s my Boytoy. It’s been tumultuous, as all of my relationships tend to be. He wants commitment but no actual relationship. I want an actual relationship; otherwise, I’m going to keep being promiscuous since there’s no point in being monogamous if I’m single. Boytoy gets upset about me hooking up with other guys, and I hate making him upset. Just not enough to end my Slutty Summer for someone that wants to tie me down, but then not put in the effort to be in a relationship.

Ideally, I hope Boytoy and I will become boyfriends. Preferably once summer concludes so that I can have as many hookups as possible this summer, and then have a boyfriend as Fall begins. It does sound terrible to say I want to be a slut, and then as soon as the season changes I want to be committed to someone that right now acts like I’m cheating on him by getting with other guys. Boytoy is the one that said he wasn’t ready to make things official – so I might as well enjoy myself.

There’s a new boy I kinda like. He just moved to Atlanta from St. Louis, so St. Louis is his nickname. St. Louis is tall and physically exactly my type. He has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree (I barely meet guys that have graduated college in Atlanta, so it’s definitely a pleasant surprise to find a guy that has a grad school degree). We’ve only hung out and hooked up once, but I was instantly into him.

I feel like St. Louis is a fuckboy though. He’s new to Atlanta, so of course, he’ll want to explore the city. Atlanta is full of sexy men, so it’s natural for new people here to want to be slutty and fool around with as many as possible. I’m having a Slutty Summer myself, so I can’t judge. I was just instantly into St. Louis. Like he could have boyfriend potential.

St. Louis stays booked and busy though. He’s focusing on his new job and his new city of Atlanta. He says he’s never really had a relationship with a guy and is relatively new to dating guys. So he may not even be ready, and I don’t want to waste my time, and right now all signs point to him only wanting to be friends with benefits at the most.

I want a boyfriend. I already have feelings and want to be with Boytoy. I shouldn’t complicate things by holding out hope for another guy that just wants sex when I already have a potential boyfriend in him. The reality is though that Boytoy isn’t 100% a potential boyfriend and there’s still so much drama between us. I can’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched.

Most recently I met a new guy. We went swimming, out to eat, then the strip club, then the sex club, all in one night. It was a fun night. I didn’t get home to 6 am, on a Thursday. It was a wild night, and I loved it. I don’t really see any boyfriend potential, especially after discovering his former fiance still lives with him, and they’re playing house together.

It’s Atlanta. Nothing surprises me. Guys that want to be monogamous but not boyfriends. Guys that would be great boyfriends, but only want sex. Guys that already live with the guy they plan(ned) to marry but are still going on dates with someone new. As always my love life is a mess, but an entertaining one at that.

Branden Lee is writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Instagram & Twitter @Brandeness. Watch Branden on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease!

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