Love Your Body With HIIT

By Darren Floro-Bryant



As one of biggest summer events in Atlanta, the Joining Hearts event is a big dance party with great DJs and an opportunity for networking and socializing. We all know you want to look your best, but we need to make sure you feel your best!  This is the perfect opportunity to try out some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes. 


HIIT routines are designed to help you burn calories and get you fit by combining groups or pairings of exercises to maximize efficiency and results. The concept is that you go all-out for a pre-determined period of time or set number of reps at full intensity, followed by shorter periods of low intensity active recovery or complete rest. These routines make the body work harder than steady-state cardio sessions, and they are are designed to burn fat, enhance physical activity, and build muscle.


Another great thing about HIIT training is that they can be adapted to accommodate a beginner all the way up to an advanced athlete and they can be completed at the exact same time in many situations, which is great for training with a partner.


HIIT routines are also excellent because they can be broken up into groupings to target certain body parts or specific activities. If your goal is to improve your whole body at once, you can do a grouping that rotates through full body exercises for an overall approach, or you can split it up into body parts that group exercises to target and enhance certain areas (i.e. lower body, upper body, chest, legs, arms etc).


Another benefit of HIIT training is that they can range from 45mins all the way down to 4 mins.  It all depends on the pairing or ratio of work to rest. These routines are intense and the work portion of the routine should be greater than 80% of your estimated max. heart rate. Conversely, the active recovery or rest interval should be performed at around 50% of your estimated max. heart rate.


Here are just a couple sample routines we’ve done at Foundation Fitness. Give them a try or simply come check us out for some other variations and combinations:


4 MIN HIIT (go through full routine – repeat if time permits)


  1. 20 sec Jumping Jacks : 10sec March in spot
  2. 20sec Power lunges (or jumping lunges) : 10sec Slow squats
  3. 20sec Jumps squats : 10sec Alternating reverse lunges
  4. 20sec Ball slams : 10sec Standing elbow to knee cross overs
  5. 20sec Running High knees : 10sec Side to side squats
  6. 20sec Burpees : 20sec Slow squat
  7. 20sec Skater lunges  : Walk cool down


Lower Body HIIT (repeat all 3 – 3x before moving on to next grouping)

Ø  30sec Iron Chairs (Wall Sits) : 30sec Jump Squats : 30sec Slow squats

Ø  30sec/leg Bench cross over with foot on bench  : 30 Low squat side 2 side steps

Ø  30sec Bench hop overs  : 30sec walk around : 30sec Bench hop overs

Ø  30sec Walking Lunges : 30sec Power lunges : 30sec Walking lunges

Ø  30sec Tae Bo ™ knees right : 30sec Tae Bo ™ knees left : 30sec Plyometric Jump Squat

Ø  30sec Wall Ball : 30sec On tip toes wall tap jumps : 30sec Deep squat right up to toes

Ø  30sec Bob and Weave w/punches : 30sec In/Out run in the spot : 30sec Bob and Weave w/punches

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