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Sink Or Swim: A Little Moonlight In a Summer of Eclipse

By Scott King


I am sick to my stomach.  George Bush 43 stole the election in 2000. It happened. Then he started a war under false pretenses and used same-sex marriage as a wedge issue and won reelection.


Then Obama happened. And then Twitter happened. And the birther movement. During this time, I was working on a political campaign and then for a non-profit. I spent a lot of time at hotels across the country. The lobby tv would invariably be on Fox News, and they would be investigating whether Obama was secretly Muslim or from Kenya or when and where and why he ate dog and why was he bowing to the Iranian chef.


This is the channel that was the first report Bush won Florida in 2000, for the record. All the other networks were saying it was Gore.


Sometimes evil wins. It seems lately more often than not.


In 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. Suddenly. I’m assuming that it was gay and feminist witchcraft that killed that disingenuous motherfucker. I was surprised. I assumed he would die with a pen in his handwriting something homophobic. Pen dipped in ink of course, from back in time when America was great and Dred Scott with the constitutionally sound law of the land.


It is disrespectful to talk speak ill of the dead. It is rude, trashy, and hateful. Do you have any idea how many times Justice Scalia wrote from the majority or dissenting opinion about how it was every American’s right to heal disdain on the gay community?


Fuck that. That motherfucker was a Satanist if I’ve ever seen one. Do as thou wilt.


Anyway, we all know the story of how the unfuckable Mitch McConnell got on camera for a few minutes and talked some pompous, pretentious condescending bullshit about how President Obama shouldn’t be able to nominate another Supreme Court Justice. It was like Animal Farm, turkey neck included.


Now Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down from the Supreme Court,  and there will be a very solid very conservative block of the Court that will validate and perpetuate this nana nana boo boo you thought we were adults but actually we’re just petulant puerile tyrants put here on Earth to destroy every sand castle type of thinking and jurisprudence.


So, do we jump in the water and play their shark game right along with them? No law no rules just blood and ambition?


It’s tempting, cuz I love to vent and project, but I will resist. Liberals do the right thing. Conservatives tell everyone what the right thing is to do. And then don’t do it. Don’t be gay they say, and then they have sex with gay hookers. Don’t have an abortion, but then they pay for their mistresses’ abortions.


Conservatives look out for the wealthy, and for preserving traditional American values. That’s what conservativism means. You have to remember that when this country was started the deck was stacked because only white men could vote.


But we’re here. They brought us here. We built this country, and we made it beautiful.


Good Christians built this country too. They also spearheaded the women’s suffrage movement, which was soaked in Temperance. What a great example of what good conservative, traditional values can do.


But those Queens worked for it. They made their case, and they waited patiently.


And they didn’t stop there. They said okay, now that we have the right to vote, what do you want to do with it? We don’t want to complain about dresses at the Oscars, but maybe we could have the right to own a credit card outside of her husband’s name. That got accomplished in the 1970s. So if someone ever asks you what feminism has ever done for anyone, after the right to vote, just tell them to shut and go shopping.


This will be a summer filled with beautiful parties. That’s what this issue a Peach is about.


I’m not saying don’t go to the party. I’m not saying don’t have a good time and enjoy the view. Just realize that we are quite possibly raving on the deck of the Titanic.


Dark, dark times. This new Supreme Court vacancy is not necessarily a sign of an absolute end to reproductive rights, or the right to same-sex marriage or LGBT Progressive equality. And even if it is, on the federal Judiciary level, we’re still here as citizens. We can still fight back in the local state and federal legislatures, and on every level spiritually existentially circumstantially and politically.


It’s dumb as fuck that we’re going to have to do so, it’s also dumb as fuck that Trump got elected, but what can you do?


Fight? Escape? Pour a drink?


All of the above. Just because the boat is sinking, doesn’t mean the party’s over. I know how to swim. Do you?



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