Why It’s Great To Be Gay in Atlanta

By Branden Lee


The south doesn’t have the most open-minded or gay-friendly reputation, but Atlanta is certainly the exception. Atlanta is the liberal capital of conservative Georgia. There’s plenty to do, and plenty to enjoy if you’re a gay man in Atlanta. Such as…


Atlanta Is the NYC of the South

Atlanta is the capital of the southeast, and NYC is the capital of the northeast. All the gays from surrounding states flock to be to free of their conservative families and small hometowns to live their gayest lives in these gay capitals. Atlanta is also a huge entertainment hub, just like NYC. Entertainment is the biggest field gay men flock to whether they pursue acting, writing, makeup, crew work, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to shine.


There Are So Many Men

Since so many gays flock to Atlanta, that creates a huge amount of eligible bachelors. Atlanta must rank highly for most gay men per capita because the gays are everywhere. So many say it’s impossible to find a steady relationship here because men can’t commit because there are so many options. Also, so many men view Atlanta as a vacation destination for when they want a wild weekend away, so there are constantly new hot men coming into the city.


Atlanta Prides Are Epic

With Black Gay Pride and standard Gay Pride, Atlanta hosts some large pride celebrations that garner lots of gays. Gays can be free to let their freak flags fly, and have at least one weekend to be out, proud, and unashamed without having to worry about all the homophobia going on in the country. Even when it’s not pride, gays can feel free to hold their partner’s hand and kiss in public. There are so many gays in Atlanta; the heteros are used to seeing gay affection.


Minority Is The Majority

Many black gay men often feel excluded in the gay community, and unwelcomed in gay spaces. Hence why Black Gay Pride was created. Seeing “not into black guys” is extremely common in other parts of the country, especially in the north. In Atlanta the majority of the gay population is black. Here black gay men can finally feel welcomed, included, and thrive. No longer a tokenized or fetishized minority, but actually the majority population. Which is why Atlanta is such a beloved city amongst the black gay population.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Instagram and Twitter @Brandeness. Watch Branden on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease.

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