Cure Your Tequila Torture

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt



Although tequila is a liquor favorite, it also has the worst reputation when it comes to hangovers – as you may have experienced on your own body; tequila hangovers are ROUGH! Even though you may feel closer to death than life the day after, there are remedies, that will help cure (or at least ease) your pain. Don’t worry; you won’t die even though you may feel – you’ll just regret it …


Water Treatment

At best, you start drinking water while you are consuming tequila, but who are we kidding. The day after, drink a cup of water per tequila drink or shot you had – yes, it’s a lot of water, and you don’t need to drink it all at once, but it will help flush out toxins. And at least try to drink water before going to sleep.






Make It Fizz

Take an alka-seltzer which will efficiently settle your upset stomach and deal with the extra stomach acid – plus it will add to your water consumption.


Breathe Deep

Increased oxygen to your brain and body will help you become more clear-headed, so concentrate on breathing deep.






Eat Something (Light)

Once you feel like consuming solids, eat something light that won’t bombard your system with calories and grease in the first round. Wait and see if your body agrees with the food, and once you feel fit for it, you can go all out with the greasy, messy, salty food.

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