Signs Your Crush Is A F**kboy

By Branden Lee



Whether it’s the liars, users, flakes, guys in relationships, narcissists, or guys that just won’t treat us right, some of us have terrible taste in men. We keep falling for the wrong guys, and no matter how many times they screw us over, we keep coming back. Well, it’s time to change our tastes, and learn how to spot a fuckboy early on, so we know to run as fast as possible.


Here are some signs that that new guy you like is a fuckboy, and he is best to be avoided.


  1. He Inconsistently Responds to Messages

If a guy is ignoring you, it’s a clear sign; he’s not interested. Fuckboys won’t just ignore you; they’ll respond sporadically whenever they feel like it gave you hope that they’re interested, but then they’ll just vanish. They may respond a day or two, or a week later, and act like they did nothing wrong and like they didn’t just leave you hanging. Don’t waste your time. When a guy is interested, he responds, to each and every message.


  1. He’s Shady About His Social Media

If a guy isn’t sharing his social media with you, it’s a clear sign he’s hiding something. It could be a secret boyfriend, secret girlfriend, secret family, or just a secret in general. It’s 2018, everyone has social media, and if he doesn’t, he’s lying (or a serial killer). If he’s lying about not having a social media page, the truth always comes out. Plus Google is always there to help.


  1. He’s Constantly Bragging About Something

The most insecure people tend to constantly brag, and their bragging is usually full of lies. Whether he’s bragging about his dick size, the number of people he’s had sex with, how much money he makes, how nice his house is, etc. – he’s probably lying. Especially if every sentence is about how amazing he is and how great his life is. No matter how cute he is, leave this type of fuckboy alone.


  1. He Only Responds to Sex

Ask your crush to hang out, go to a movie, or grab drinks, and he’s MIA. Hit him up for sex, and he is quick to respond. Clearly, this guy is only good for sex, and nothing else. Which is the absolute definition of a fuckboy. So don’t invest your feelings in guys that have nothing to offer you but his dick.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Instagram and Twitter @Brandeness. Watch Branden on YouTube on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease.

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