Plane Vain


By Mik Hyldebrandt


Getting on a plane is especially tough on the skin because the dry and poorly conditioned air will efficiently dehydrate your skin and make it look dull and, well, dry. But with a little prep and a few simple steps, you will arrive looking nice and refreshed.


Prepare For Departure

Makes sense that if your skin isn’t well nourished to begin with, it will struggle even more once airborne. Make sure you moisturize properly in the days before a trip – that means day and night after cleansing your skin.

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Mid-Flight Maintenance

Your skin loses moisture quickly once you are in the air, so even on shorter flights, it is a good idea to give your skin some love mid-flight. A toner spray or thermal water seals in moisture effectively. Spray it on, and dab excess off otherwise it will evaporate and draw moisture out of the skin.

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Eyes UP

The eye area is where you first show signs of fatigue and dehydrated skin. The delicate tissue can get puffy, and you can develop dark circles that make you look even more tired.

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Prepare For Landing

Before the seat belt sign is turned, make sure you splash some cold water on your face or use a face wipe to remove dirt and oil. Then use a moisturizer and feel how the skin is restored to its former supple self.

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Stay Hydrated

Your whole body gets dehydrated even after a short flight. You can feel it with other bodily functions too, but it shows very clearly on your skin, which can look dry and brittle. Stay hydrated with water only on long flights and avoid alcoholic and fizzy drinks entirely.

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