More Than Just Bikes!

Action Cycling Atlanta (ACA) is an Atlanta-based non-profit dedicated solely to stopping HIV/AIDS.  Over the course of its 16-year history, ACA has staged multiple sporting events benefiting the community.  ACA’s annual AIDS Vaccine 200 bike ride has raised over $2.6 million for local AIDS Support Organizations (ASOs).  This year, ACA brings back Field Day, an adult staging of everyone’s favorite childhood day of competition.


What exactly is Field Day?

Field Day is an attempt to redeem ourselves from our awkward Middle School years!  Seriously, Field Day is a grown-up version of the most awesome school event from your childhood.  Think 3-legged races, hula-hoops, tug-of-war, dizzy lizzy and plenty of other fun games!  Field Day was hugely popular several years ago, and we thought it was high time to bring it back.  It’s a great way to kick off spring and benefit some amazing community organizations!


Where did the idea come from?

It’s certainly not a new idea.  But Field Day has been on hiatus the past three or four years.  A bunch of friends were talking about resurrecting the day, and a couple of those people happened to be on the ACA Board of Directors.  When we floated the idea of bringing Field Day back, the ACA Board jumped at the idea of supporting it.


What does Action Cycling Atlanta do?

Action Cycling Atlanta’s sole mission is to eliminate HIV/AIDS.  We do this by raising money for Vaccine research and disease prevention. Most people know us through our annual AIDS Vaccine 200 mile bike ride.


How did bikes get connected with Tug-of War?

Great question!  We have several cyclists in our leadership group who were also involved in staging Field Day.   When we started brainstorming additional ways to expand our reach in the region, Field Day was natural.  Both are positive, healthy and really fun ways to give back to the community.


Who are this year’s beneficiaries?

Field Day will benefit Hearts Everywhere Reaching Out of Children (H.E.R.O.) and ACA.  H.E.R.O. currently serves more than 350 kids with more than 250 volunteers.  The organization’s unique mission includes children who are affected by HIV/AIDS. An affected child is one who is HIV+, has an infected parent, sibling, residential relative or has lost a relative to HIV/AIDS.  H.E.R.O. serves a majority low-income population and does not charge a fee to parents/guardians for any of its services or programs.


For the AV200, the primary beneficiary is The Emory Vaccine Center. EVC is one of the leading institutions worldwide conducting HIV/AIDS vaccine research. The AV200 funds the stipends of 5 post-doctoral research fellows at Emory. The cure for AIDS may very well come from one of them! The Ride also benefits Jerusalem House and Positive Impact. Jerusalem House provides daily living assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS and Positive Impact provides prevention training, medication assistance and other services for HIV+ people in North Georgia.


Riding a bike 200 miles! Are you crazy?

Ha! Not really. The AV200 is one of the most well-produced cycling events in the country.  The ride itself is challenging, no doubt about that! It’s purposefully designed to take the rider out of his or her comfort zone. In doing this, we are reminded of the sacrifices and the struggles against HIV/AIDS that so many were not able to overcome.   We conduct organized training rides, both indoor and outdoor, leading up to the ride.  Our ride leaders ensure everyone is equipped and ready to roll come Ride Weekend.


When is Field Day?  How about AV200?

Field day is Saturday, March 31.  The AV200 is Saturday and Sunday, May 20 and 21.


How do I get more info?

Field Day:  www.


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