Seasonal Eats

By Mik Hyldebrandt


As the season changes, we are bound to also change the way we eat. New ingredients come into season, and our pallets change to accommodate lighter and fresher fare. Peach asked some of our favorite chefs across Atlanta about their thoughts on food trends and seasonal favorites.


All chefs and restaurants featured here will be part of the wildly popular Taste of Atlanta festival in October. Check out for more info.


Chef Ryan Harrison, Gusto

The casual eatery has several locations strewn across Atlanta and blends multi-cultural influences in healthy, freshly cooked bowls perfect for a lunch on the go or a healthy dinner option.


What’s your style of cooking/cuisine?

I like to blend ingredients inspired by both international cuisine and familiar American flavors, that adds a distinct flavor profile and texture to each dish.


What do you see as a food trend right now?

Poke bowl (raw fish over rice) is becoming a thing right now


My Favorite (Spring) Cooking Ingredient



My Cooking Tip

Always season your greens with salt and pepper. It’s a simple step that is usually overlooked.


Chef Taylor Domet, True Food Kitchen

The relaxed, eco-chic eatery located at Lenox Square serves health-conscious and vegan-optional fare that challenges the general notion of health food with cuisine-style dishes and an excellent cocktail menu. Taylor is the Regional Director of Culinary Standards Chef for True Food Kitchen.


What’s True Food’s style of cuisine?

We take a lot of pride in what comes in the back door at True Food Kitchen. Focusing on nutritional density and overall health benefits at True Food is driven by Dr. Andrew Weil’s beliefs in food as medicine.


What do you see as a food trend right now?

Vegetable(s) as the center of the plate is growing in popularity across the US.  More people are continuing to move towards a less meat driven diet for a multitude of reasons.


Our Favorite (Spring) Cooking Ingredient

Eggplant is one of the most underrated vegetables in my opinion!  We are adding a Miso Glazed Japanese Eggplant dish to our spring menu that I’m very excited about. We roast the eggplant on high heat with a sesame-miso vinaigrette, which adds a nice sweet, spicy & smoky flavor to the eggplant.  We pair that with some lentils, roasted peppers, and a tahini yogurt.


Our Cooking Tip

Simplicity & technique should be given the respect they deserve.  There’s nothing better in my opinion than food that has been perfectly cooked & seasoned:  rotisserie chicken, roasted bell peppers, grilled asparagus.  Focus on your seasoning and cooking technique, and you can’t go wrong.


Chef Savannah Sasser, Hampton + Hudson

The contemporary gastropub serves New American eats and delicious drafts and cocktails in a stylish, welcoming atmosphere. A new favorite in the popular Inman Park area.


What’s your style of cooking/cuisine?

I feel like my style is always growing and expanding but I always start with my foundation of French, and I always try to do a twist on classics.


What do you see as a food trend right now?

There are so many different cuisines and influences around Atlanta it can be hard to pinpoint certain influences, but there will always be a center around agriculture. People are continuing to understand the importance of eating locally and knowing where their food is coming from.


My Favorite (Spring) Cooking Ingredient    

I always enjoy cooking with ramps and rhubarb.


My Cooking Tip

I always like to remind people that when reading a recipe, use it as a guideline not an absolute, (unless it’s baking, that is an exact science) use ingredients that you like, that are seasonal and make the dish your own.

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