How To Be Single in Atlanta

By Branden Lee


Being in a relationship is amazing, but so is being single. Better to be happy and fulfilled while alone, than unhappy and unfulfilled while dating someone else. Life can often feel like we’re pressured to pursue relationships and that being single is just a holding spot until the next relationship. But that is far from the case.


Here are some ways to enjoy spending singledom in Atlanta.


  1. Fun With Friends

Friends often start to get neglected when relationships begin, so it’s important to enjoy time with friends when you’re not preoccupied with a boyfriend. Brunches, lunches, dinners, go to the movies, game nights, go out to clubs, parties, be social. Enjoy time with friends. Once the late 20s hit, careers, families, and relationships often take precedence over friendships, so it’s important to enjoy as much time with friends as possible while you’re single and unattached.


  1. Clubbing

The club isn’t that fun when in a relationship, but can be tons of fun while single. Going out to the club isn’t just about trying to find a hot guy to go home with and looking for a boyfriend. Clubbing provides the opportunity to get dressed up, feel good about yourself, feel sexy and confident, dance, drink, make new friends, and enjoy time with old friends. Clubbing seems to always get a bad rep in the gay world for superficial sexual reasons, but sometimes you just want to go to the club to enjoy a good drag show or being in a fun environment with other gays.


  1. Volunteer

When not having all your free time sucked up by a relationship and the drama that comes with them, being single gives time to make a difference in the community. There are tons of organizations, especially GLBT organizations in Atlanta, that need help. Volunteer. Make a difference, meet new people, improve the lives of others, especially the less fortunate.


  1. Dating Apps, Speed Dating, Matchmaking, etc.

Yes, being single can be fun, but it’s also important to be social and put yourself out there. Go on dates, try new restaurants, enjoy good conversation. Maybe you’re not looking for your next boyfriend, but still, don’t be closed off to the potential of a relationship if the right man comes along.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Twitter and Instagram @Brandeness.

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