Keeping It Together

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Whether newly coupled, together for years, or (close to getting) married, these couples should serve as an inspiration to us all. Peach talked to these amazing duos about how they met and what makes their relationship work – and they even offer valuable advice on an accomplished coupling.

Stephen Michael Moleski and Michael Stewart
The woofy couple met via Scruff, they’ve been together for two and a half years and are engaged to be married on 9.9.18. Stephen is a celebrity makeup artist, and Michael is a freelance videographer, and communication and making each other a priority is a primary strength of their relationship.

Stephen & Michael’s Couple Counsel
“Don’t be distracted by outside influences”




Brandon Odom and Matthew Livingston
Brandon and Matt met at a housewarming party for a mutual friend where they immediately bonded over bourbon and Studio Ghibli – they have now been together for one and half years. Matt is the General Manager of Mary’s in East Atlanta Village, and Brandon is a medical office manager and freelance musician. The adorable duo laughs a lot together – and also grab each other’s butts in public. A lot.

Brandon & Matt’s Couple Counsel
“We are never afraid to be honest. Offer each other a safe space to talk and listen without judgment, no matter what you have to say”


Thuy Nguyen and Ruthie Brown
They met at a busy bar during Labor Day weekend two and a half years ago where Thuy said something like ‘you should give me your number… if you’re not scared.’ Challenge accepted, Ruthie wrote her number on a receipt and replied ‘you should pick that up before someone else does.’ The bartender and graphic designer duo keep it honest with each even though the truth is sometimes awkward.

Thuy & Ruthie’s Couple Counsel
“Constantly remind your partner that you love them through your words and actions”




Frank Cortez and Angel Romero
After meeting online six years ago, the couple got engaged last summer where Frank proposed to Angel in a castle in Spain (aw!). Frank helps families, that have been displaced from their homes due to disasters, find temporary housing, and Angel works as a supply chain consultant at a telecom company. They cuddle well together, which is fun, but also keeps them honest, demands proximity and makes them share and smile.

Frank & Angel’s Couple Counsel
“When times are hard, there is always a rock. Sometimes you’ll be the rock, sometimes you’ll be changing to it.”




EJ Jimenez and Jesse Furr
EJ and Jesse met via the matchmaking site, and chemistry was definitely there because they have now been together for almost ten years. EJ works in finance and Jesse is an executive recruiter, and the say their strength is patience and working on what matters the most: their adorable son, their health, and their family.

EJ & Jesse’s Couple Counsel
“Be flexible but know what you want in a relationship in the long-term. We both wanted to be parents, so that was our starting point to build our life”



Chris Rigole and Kaleb Belastracci
They met three years ago in the ‘old-fashioned way,’ which at this time, of course, is Scruff. Chris works in real estate, and Kaleb is in food service, and they make their relationship work by going with their own idea of what a relationship should look like. They’ve learned to embrace the parts they didn’t expect in a relationship and being open to new possibilities.

Chris & Kaleb’s Couple Counsel
“Communicate!  Talk, talk, talk it out! Unless you’ve had drinks, then STFU”




Lance Horsford and Chuhan Luo
The handsome couple met three years ago this fall after chatting on Tinder, and the relationship has been pretty linear since then. They are now engaged and own a house together. Lance is a graphic designer for a telecom company, and Chuhan is a business analyst, and they focus on mutual respect and support, so whenever obstacles arise they focus on problem-solving and not blame attribution.

Lance & Chuhan’s Couple Counsel
“Don’t try to manipulate each other for the relationship you think you want; show your hand and give him a chance to choose you”

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