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More To Love (MTL) is a local organization comprised of volunteers who provide an environment and creative outlet to help raise money for charities within our very own community. We caught up with More To Love founder, Chad Wick, to talk about the organization and its goals in the community.

Where does the name More To Love come from?
During Valentine’s season, our culture has capitalized on only one aspect of love; romantic love. Even though I’m happily involved in a romantic relationship, I have always felt inspired to challenge this mindset. If we are going to celebrate love, why do we not celebrate love in its entirety? Love takes on many shapes and plays many roles, yet we limit ourselves by focusing on just one avenue in how it is demonstrated. More To Love stems from just that idea; it is an avenue to help celebrate all forms of love, and hopefully, a refreshing reminder to everyone during this season of these many avenues to love those around us.

So, is it only one event per year?
That’s how it started. Our February event is our biggest event; however, we have started teaming up with other great, local organization who have a similar mission as MTL. So, you will see us sporadically throughout the year.

Queen of hearts is your organization’s logo. Why is that?
Our team wanted a staple that could represent More To Love as an organization even though we may change charities, event locations, etc. The traditional card is also called “Mother of Higher Love.” It commands powerful emotions of empathy and compassion with a flair for the dramatic.

What can people expect when they attend a More To Love Event?
It is a fundraiser event but every year the recipient changes as well as the need. 100% of proceeds go directly to the charity. The desire for our February event is that each attendee is entertained in many facets throughout the night: various social outlets, incredible dance music, and live entertainers interacting with you. Every year and every event is different to keep the atmosphere interesting and exciting: sometimes competitions, sometimes live shows, but always fresh. Our next event is on February 9th at Amsterdam Atlanta – the theme will be Dangerous Liaison, and it will be amazing with DJ Chris Gris, a special performance by Penni Posterior, and so much more!

Anything else you would like to mention about MTL?
Yes, we are always looking for new, creative ideas and sponsorships for each event. If you would like you and your company to be a part of a future event, please message the More To Love Team on the FB More To Love Page (@ATLMTL). Here you can also find all future events MTL is involved with throughout the year; so, like and follow!

Photo byline: The More To Love team (from left to right): Chris Cassidy, Chad Wick, Thomas Le, Brian Pollard, and Chris Griswold.

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